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The guiding principle of Frankfurt School’s Student Services team is “We care”. We care about your studies, your personal growth, your experiences, and your concerns. We provide students with support and guidance throughout their studies. We also stay in touch with parents who wish to build a relationship with our business school. Explore our student support programme and discover the range of services we provide to our students to help them make the most of their time at Frankfurt School – enriching their work, study and leisure time.

For students

Caring Concept

Frankfurt School takes a holistic approach to supporting students on all degree programmes, aiming to give them the best possible university experience. We offer each student a dedicated study advisor, as well as a wide array of additional support services with access to experts for those in need of specialist advice (such as financial advice, life coachinghealth-related counselling or accommodation-related questions).

We also organise a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities to leverage your study experience beyond the classroom, including events, guest presentations, workshops and training courses for developing your personal skills and competencies. These activities support your personal growth and also broaden your horizons in various areas. Taking part will give you great opportunities to build up your networks, make new friends and engage within the FS Community.

Study Advisory

Our study advisors play a central role in Frankfurt School’s support activities. Each student has a dedicated study advisor who is their first and central point of contact on all matters relating to their studies and community life.

Study advisors will provide you with personal assistance during your studies. You can reach out to them for advice on anything to do with your programme, specific modules, examinations, invoices, or personal challenges you may encounter while studying. And of course you can also contact them if you want to provide feedback on your study experience.

Study advisors work closely with the Programme Management team and other teams at Frankfurt School. They will proactively get in touch with you to update you on how your studies are progressing and discuss challenging situations with you.

Language Courses

Language courses at Frankfurt School – German as foreign language, English, Chinese and more

Mastering languages is essential: Whether you’re seeking to expand your network, thrive in your studies or gain an edge in the job market - all starts with communication.

At Frankfurt School, we offer weekly German courses to suit all levels, as well as courses in Business German - for free. If you would like to boost your English skills, improve your speaking skills, or express yourself in properly academic terms, we also offer an Academic English Course. 

Depending on the number of requests we receive, we can also arrange additional language courses in Chinese, Spanish or French (for a fee), but will only do so if there is sufficient demand. Finally, we offer intensive courses in German as foreign language during the university holidays.

Student Activites

Extracurricular student activities and community engagement play an important role at Frankfurt School. Students can represent the student body by joining the Student Council or becoming a Class Representative. Or they can gain new experiences by joining or leading a student initiative. Frankfurt School enormously appreciates students’ social and community engagement, as demonstrated by the annual FS Spirit Award.

For parents

Parents' Programme

Frankfurt School’s Parents’ Programme is a perfect opportunity for parents to stay informed about Frankfurt School and find out more about the student experience. Parents on the programme are invited to take part in major events and are given plenty of opportunities to network with the wider FS community. More details of our Parents’ Programme, as well as a registration form, are available here.

For companies

For all agency or employer enquiries concerning Frankfurt School's Education Verification department and process, please contact us at