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Life coaching

Life coaching is open to all students on our academic programmes. We advise and support you, acting as your first point of contact and coaching you whenever you encounter personal challenges during your studies and everyday life on campus. The support we offer ranges from rapid crisis intervention – help and support when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, for example – through to short-term coaching sessions over multiple appointments.

Depending on the issues you ask us about, we either provide you with relevant information or refer you to other organisations. In our coaching sessions, on the other hand, we help you discover and develop your own personal resources so you can find your own solutions and apply them effectively.

Psychological counselling

While you’re studying, you may sometimes find yourself in situations where the university’s extensive range of advisory services is no longer sufficient. Typical examples of such situations include mental or physical illnesses.

If you’re experiencing psychological difficulties (such as course-related stress or burnout, or mental, emotional or illness-related stress that is impacting on your studies, including relationship issues, issues with friends or family, issues at work), Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offers you the option of a preliminary consultation at one of two clinical practices in Frankfurt, free of charge. Soon also available in Hamburg. 

Students with Disabilities or Chronic Diseases

Our disability unit is there to help students with disabilities and students with chronic diseases who are studying at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

The service addresses the needs of students with conventional (e.g. physical) disabilities, but also helps students with disabilities that are not immediately obvious, including various disorders or dysfunctions (such as AD(H)D, dyslexia, chronic ailments, mental illnesses).

So if you have questions or suggestions about your course of studies relating specifically to your own personal circumstances, you are very welcome to ask for advice and help with:

  • organising your studies
  • compensating for specific disadvantages in examinations/Assessment Center evaluations
  • interrupting your course of studies due to prolonged illness or convalescence
  • other issues

This is a supplementary advisory service offered free of charge to students on Bachelor or Master degree courses or professional development programmes at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Of course, you can also contact us before you apply and need support in preparing for your assessment centre or have general questions about this topic.