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Student Engagement & Activities

Community Life Fair

Frankfurt School believes that student engagement is extremely important and encourages students to engage with university life at every level. Our Community Life Fair offers students an easy way to explore the many different student engagement options available on campus. In addition to student initiatives and the Student Council, the Community Life Fair acts as a platform for our Ambassador Programme and the FS Alumni Association. Students can discuss the various options in person as they decide how and where best to engage. The wide range of opportunities means that everyone can find some way to get involved in our campus community. 

The Community Life Fair is held at the start of each winter- and summer semester.

Transcript of extracurricular Achievements

Frankfurt School’s belief in the importance of student engagement is also reflected in the Transcript of extracurricular Extracurricular Activities, a document detailing each student’s extracurricular engagement. Students may use the transcript to verify their involvement in the following activities:

  • Working as a class representative
  • Membership of or leading roles in student initiatives
  • Language courses and extracurricular workshops
  • Special achievements

Students may attach the Transcript of Extracurricular Activities to job applications, for example, as a way of demonstrating their social skills and experiences.

Class Representatives

At the start of each academic programme at Frankfurt School, students elect their own representatives for that programme. These Class Representatives officially represent all programme participants, acting as intermediaries between the students and Frankfurt School staff and faculty members. In this role, they ensure that student feedback is passed on to the appropriate bodies and act as Frankfurt School’s main points of contact in all matters affecting the class they represent. By doing so, not only do they make an important contribution to the ongoing development of their academic programme, they also make the university experience of their fellow students a positive and educational one.

Students elected to this responsible role are given the opportunity to become active advocates for their class peers while simultaneously developing their own skills and acquiring new experiences.

FS Buddy Programme

Embarking on a degree course means a lot of changes - so many new experiences, so many challenges to overcome. So being able to rely on a fellow student with some experience under their belt, someone who experienced those same challenges when they first started, is really helpful; they can describe what they went through and provide encouragement and support. Our Buddy Programme puts first-semester students in touch with higher-semester students before the degree course starts, so the Buddy Teams can discuss anything at all to do with the programme, campus life, or living in Frankfurt. Many Buddy Teams stay in close touch throughout their time at Frankfurt School and beyond.

Student Organisations

As well as student initiatives, you’ll find a number of organisations run by or for students at Frankfurt School.

Representing the student body as a whole, the Student Council plays an important role. Among other things, the remit of the (annually elected) Student Council includes representing the student body on various committees and working closely with Frankfurt School to further develop the student experience.

A separate Supervisory Board, also composed of students, is responsible for reviewing the Student Council’s finances. The Supervisory Board audits the Student Council’s annual financial statements and presents the results to members of the Student Services team and Frankfurt School’s Management Board. This ensures that all Student Council transactions comply with our constitution and that funds are managed responsibly. Contact:  

FS Student Consulting is a consulting firm run by Frankfurt School students, offering companies and institutions consulting services in various areas.

Frankfurt School’s Alumni Association is also open to students. The association has a well-developed network linking together more than 3,00 Frankfurt School alumni.