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Frankfurt School maintains a network of partner universities around the world. Currently, we offer our students various locations all over the world. On the following sections, you will find information about your study abroad choices, scholarships and application procedures.

Bachelor of Science Students

One or two semesters abroad is an integral part of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and comprises two elements:

  1. Studying at a university in the host country
  2. An Internship

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The semester abroad takes place in the fifth semester. This is normally the winter semester i.e. in the period beginning of September to the end of January.

Students in the International Management concentration spend two semesters abroad during the fourth and fifth semester.

For Bachelor courses, the information event for the semester abroad is held at the start of the third semester and for the International Management students at the end of the second semester.

Following the information event, students can decide whether they wish to attend a partner university of the Frankfurt School or a university where there is no partnership arrangement with the Frankfurt School. Applications for partner universities are handled by the International Office; for non-partner universities, students will need to contact the foreign university directly.

Master Students

Master of Finance and Master in Management students have the possibility of completing the optional compulsory modules of the fourth semester at a university abroad. An information event is held in the second semester which must be attended by all Master students who wish to go abroad.

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Following the information event you can decide whether you wish to attend a partner university of the Frankfurt School or a university where there is no partnership arrangement with the Frankfurt School. There is also in principle the possibility of attending a Summer School or Winter School abroad. Applications for partner universities are handled by the International Office; for non-partner universities you will need to contact the foreign university directly.

All study periods abroad must be agreed in advance with the International Office to ensure that the course standards abroad can be recognised by the Frankfurt School. For the optional compulsory modules completed abroad only the credits will be taken into account; there will be no grade conversion.



With Erasmus+, Frankfurt School students have the possibility to study in another European country and widen their social and cultural competencies. They get to know the academic system of a foreign university and gain from their teaching and learning methods. The rights and obligations of students in the Erasmus+ programme are set down in the Erasmus+ Students’ Charter.

Further information on the Erasmus+ programme

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The programme offers the following support:

  • Assistance with the preparation of a period abroad
  • Academic recognition of their studies abroad
  • Exemption from study fees at the foreign university
  • Mobility funding for the extra costs of living abroad of up to 350 euros per month

Compulsory online language tests
The European Commission provides an online language test in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. All Erasmus+ students are required to complete this in the working language prior to the semester abroad and after its completion. The test is not a selection criterion for support in the Erasmus+ programme but is intended to assess the language competence of the students both before and after their stay abroad and document the progress they have made. The comprehensive assessment throughout Europe of the development of language competence enables the effectiveness of Erasmus+ to be evaluated.

Special funding
Erasmus+ stands for equal opportunity and inclusion and provides special funding for handicapped people and single parents.

The International Office of the Frankfurt School organises an information event in preparation for the stay abroad for all Bachelor and Master students one year before their semester/year abroad. This also includes a presentation of the Erasmus+ programme. After the information event, individual advice about the programme, partner universities and special funding is provided in the International Office. All students who register for an Erasmus+ partner university will be allocated places based on a ranking. Registration for Erasmus+ is based on submission of a "selection sheet for a university abroad" which will be made available at the information event.

PROMOS-Grant to increase mobility

With the PROMOS programme, the Frankfurt School provides financial support to Bachelor and Master students during their semester abroad at universities outside of Europe.

Those students may apply who will neither receive nor expect any other form of grant. The monthly grant amounts to ca. 300 Euro and is paid for three months (even for semesters abroad that are longer).

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The selection criteria are based on excellent academic performance, proven extracurricular voluntary work commitment and the quality of the application. Choosing a study programme whose teaching language is neither German nor English is given special consideration.

The application process normally starts in October and finishes in the middle of December of a year for PROMOS grants awarded in the following year.


Checking your type of health insurance is part of every student’s preparation for their semester abroad.

All universities abroad require proof of adequate health insurance during your studies abroad. Each university has different health insurance coverage requirements – some require that the health insurance must be purchased through the host university, some only have special coverage requirements you need to fulfil.

Please check back in time which kind of health insurance your university abroad requires you to have.

If you do not have to take health insurance from the university abroad, there are many providers and tariffs to choose from. Premiums are driven by the duration and width of coverage.