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Zwei Bachelor of Arts Studierende vor der Frankfurter Skyline

Academic Programmes

Study opportunities at Frankfurt School

A perfect place to start – from Bachelor to Doctoral

Frankfurt School offers excellent study programmes for participants with various professional backgrounds and experiences, enabling every student to find the programme that suits them best. Students have the option to study at our campus in Frankfurt, in the financial metropolis of Europe. We also offer selected study programmes at our campus in Hamburg and at our study centre in Munich.

Frankfurt School offers education and training for ambitious people. Through our strong combination of theory and practice, students are prepared for a successful international business career. We offer study programmes that allow for complete flexibility. Students can choose to study full-time, part-time or in our unique 3-day model. In addition to our Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, Frankfurt School offers MBA programmes, a Doctoral programme, as well as Executive Education courses.

Career Services

Frankfurt School's Career Services provides an interface between academic education and the entry into the professional world or support for the career development of our students. Here we offer advice, various events including workshops and specialist lectures and many other services.

We also offer companies direct access to their future staff through professional services.

Student Life

Frankfurt School is a community of diverse and ambitious people who are committed to their fellow students and society. This is reflected in our diverse student initiatives, the work of our student council, participation in sporting competitions and other joint projects and events.

Commitment & Sustainability

The campus has been awarded for being a sustainable building. To receive this award, a building must meet the requirements for eco-balance and responsible resource extraction. With the photovoltaic system and wind turbine on the roof, the natural gas combined heat and power plant in the basement and the e-filling station on the property, the campus met all the requirements. There are also beehives for four bee colonies on our roof terrace.


Frankfurt School fosters trusting relationships and friendships with its alumni. This enables our former students to exchange information about their careers with other alumni via our network and to expand their professional and private contacts. We offer numerous events and communication platforms at the Frankfurt School. Whether on campus in Frankfurt or in a London pub - the Frankfurt School organises events for Friends & Alumni in many German cities and worldwide. In addition, we offer further networking opportunities and would like to continue to provide our alumni with plenty of input and development opportunities after graduation, for example through our Start Up Now or Ladies First events.

Bachelor-header participants


Entrepreneurship and the start-up scene are the new big growth industries in Germany and especially in Frankfurt. Frankfurt School has already established itself as one of the leading institutions in this movement, with more and more graduates founding start-ups or joining promising entrepreneurial initiatives. Successful and award-winning start-ups such as Braceless, Finanzguru, Fitvia or Oatsome show that Frankfurt School alumni are founding across all sectors.

The business school responds to fundamental changes in society and the economy by addressing highly topical issues to students in its academic programmes. Therefore, the Frankfurt School has adapted its curricula and teaching programmes to the increasing needs of the start-up scene. Thus, learning content from the areas of fintech and start-ups can increasingly be found in the academic programmes as well as in the training and continuing education offerings. In addition, the business university is focusing on ensuring that its students are able to deal with ever-increasing amounts of data through targeted training.

Rankings & Accreditations

National and international accreditations are crucial for Frankfurt School's quality management system. Accreditation here means the external review of an institution, together with its programmes and activities, with regard to quality assurance and quality development.

Accreditation procedures provide our School with the opportunity for critical self-analysis, and mainly consist of a self-assessment, an academic review process and a review of strategic plans. These procedures provide incentives for improvement and the opportunity for consultation with external experts.

Frankfurt School is accredited several times and occupies very good positions in current university rankings.


Bachelor Programmes

Master Programmes

MBA and EMBA programmes

Doctoral Programme