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"Some things last longer"

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management cultivates and maintains close, trust-based relationships and friendships with our alumni. We also maintain an online network through which our alumni can share career-related information and build their own professional and personal networks. Finally, we organise numerous events, meetings and forums that act as potent communication platforms.

FS Alumni Events

Every year, we provide our Alumni & Friends with many different opportunities to meet, exchange notes and network - for example on our campus in Frankfurt, the company of an alumna or alumnus or even in a pub in London. 

Stay tuned to FS

Frankfurt School professors, alumni and other experts share their experience and knowledge in Online Events and virtual Expert Talks. Thus, we enable all alumni who cannot visit us on campus, to connect with our community online and stay in touch.


Once a year is your opportunity to (re)discover Frankfurt School, meet up with old friends, make new ones, and explore the latest developments! All alumni are invitied to our annual Alumni Homecoming.

Alumni & Friends

FS Alumni & Friends events take place in major cities in Germany (such as Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt) and around the world (typical examples include New York, London, Zurich, Singapore and Shanghai). They include guest presentations as well as more informal gatherings such as after-work sessions, guided tours, cultural activities and BBQs.

MBA Reunion

At the annual MBA Reunion in spring, graduates of our MBA classes get together for a weekend of networking an learning. In addition to lectures and workshops on professional and personal development, there is plenty of time for alumni and faculty staff to catch up personally.

FS Women's Society

Our FS Women's Society events focus on career issues of special relevance to women, acting as a community-building debating platform for the women who take part. The events are exclusively designed for Frankfurt School women students and graduates.

FS Homecoming 2022 Networking outdoors

Upcoming Events 

Please note that further details and registration links for all events will be communicated via our monthly newsletter and individual mailings per region. Please contact us in case you do not receive the newsletter or would like to join an event in a different city:

All events below are presented in the local time zones. 

Datum Event Zeit
16.11.2023 Alumni & Friends in London 18:00 - 22:30
23.11.2023 Alumni & Friends in Düsseldorf 18:00 - 22:00
29.11.2023 Alumni & Friends in Berlin 18:00 - 22:00
29.6.2024 FS Homecoming 14:00 - 22:00

Info & Networking

We provide our Alumni & Friends with access to information so they can stay in touch with us and each other via our online platforms and digital networks.

Alumni Directory

A digital network for the exclusive use of our graduates, so they can easily make relevant, personal contact with other FS alumni by specifying degree courses, companies, places of residence and so on. And with one click of a mouse, alumni can also keep their Directory profiles synchronised with their Xing and LinkedIn profiles.


FS Alumni & Friends Newsletter

Our alumni network offers professional exchange but it is also about commitment to each other and mutual support. It is meant as a life-long companionship. We hope this newsletter initiates communication and exchange among individuals.

Alumni group on LinkedIn

As a member of the social media groups we’ve set up exclusively for alumni, and as part of our FS community, we send you regular updates via Xing and LinkedIn.

Alumni surveys

We take a close interest in the careers and professional development of our alumni. Indeed, your feedback provides us with vital feedback on our graduates’ satisfaction with the courses we offer at FS, as well as ideas for boosting the business school’s profile and improving our Career Services offering. And our graduates’ professional success also, of course, provides proof positive of the quality of our educational programmes!

Special offers and services for alumni

NEW: lifelong FS alumni e-mail address

Starting in 2017, Frankfurt School is offering alumni a brand-new service: an alumni e-mail address for life! Alumni e-mail addresses are always composed in the same way, and allow our graduates to get in touch with each other easily, regardless of where they are in the world or how often they have changed their jobs, places of residence or personal e-mail addresses. The new e-mail addresses will also make it easier for our FS Alumni Management team to stay in touch with you and keep you updated on local events and news from our globally active alumni network. You will be able to apply for your FS e-mail address here in our Alumni Directory

Career Services

Our Career Services team will help you find well-qualified applicants for positions in your company, as well as helping you enhance your own career by staying up to date with the latest developments in your field. For further details, visit:

“Tell your story” – your alumni portrait

We use a short questionnaire to profile successful alumni and describe the highlights in their careers to date. Did you embark on an interesting career after you graduated? Would you like to share your experiences with our students and alumni?

Alumni Discounts

Frankfurt School actively lives by the principle of continuous learning. We encourage personal and professional development at all career levels - nationally and internationally. Thus, to support you as alumni on your mission of "Lifelong Education", you will receive notable discounts when you come back to Frankfurt School for further education.

Giving Back

FS Alumni & Friends support Frankfurt School and are proud of their alma mater – a pride they express in various ways. Their involvement enlivens the FS community and is enormously appreciated both by us and by our students!

Getting Involved

Alumni Representatives

Are you proud of your alma mater? Would you like to support Frankfurt School’s alumni activities? As an alumni speaker, you can contribute to Frankfurt School and help develop our alumni network by taking part in a wide variety of initiatives. By, for example, supporting and promoting our alumni team at events in Germany and abroad, forging links between FS talents and your company, or by giving feedback and suggesting ideas to the FS Alumni Management team. As an alumni speaker, you become an important point of contact and representative of Frankfurt School’s worldwide community. You receive first-hand information, news and invitations, and are invited to participate in exclusive networking events. In short, you are closely involved in Frankfurt School’s strategic development and make a significant contribution to the successful evolution of our business school.

Hosting alumni events at home and abroad

Invigorate your regional alumni network and expand your own network of professional and personal contacts in your local area. In close collaboration with alumni, we organise numerous events around the globe, such as company visits,

  • FS events,
  • job fairs,
  • workshops and
  • presentations,
  • and so much more!


Being a mentor gives you a unique opportunity to reflect on your own experience of work and life and pass it on to others. You provide support and advice to students in need of professional and personal development.

Our mentoring programme aims to recruit Frankfurt School alumni with a minimum of five years’ professional experience who would be prepared to support second-semester Bachelor students.

If you’re interested, please contact us.

Speaking at Alumni & Friends events

So you’ve overcome major challenges at work or been involved in managing interesting projects? Join other alumni and students to explore issues of relevance to their academic or professional development, or discuss current business and social topics. These debates with highly qualified participants turn into stimulating dialogues with unexpected benefits. Invitations and follow-up reports on various media channels (news, social media) give you wider exposure across our global FS network.

Alumni Portraits

Eric Reutemann, Frankfurt: Frankfurt Galaxy

Master in Management, Class of 2014

Jan-Luca Bachmann, Europa-Park Resort

Part-Time MBA, Class of 2020

Tim Brückner, DEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate AG

Master of Arts - Banking & Finance, Class of 2005


Executive MBA

Reinhard Pasch, Pforzheim: Sparkasse Pforzheim CalW

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Class of 2012

Jan-Luca Bachmann, Europa-Park Resort

Part-Time MBA, Class of 2020

Susan Sahl Poynor, Frankfurt: Allianz Partners

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Class of 2014

Christian Hassel, Berlin: Commerzbank

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Class of 2012

MBA in International Healthcare Management (IHM)

Master Programmes

Master of Finance

Jean-Jacques Moukoko, Douala: Xpand Holdings SAS

Master of Finance, Class of 2011

Francesco Pisani, Frankfurt: Ernst & Young GmbH

Master of Finance, Class of 2013

Tim Brückner, DEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate AG

Master of Arts - Banking & Finance, Class of 2005

Felix Engelhardt, Berlin: Saxenhammer & Co.

Master of Finance, Class of 2018

Master in Management

Eliomaria Narducci, CEO, ITKAM

Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany

Master in International Business

Björn Stumpf, Frankfurt: Boehringer Ingelheim Corporate Center GmbH

Master of International Business & Tax Law, Class of 2010

Katherine Greenup, Frankfurt: Chemische Fabrik Budenheim

Master of International Business, Class of 2014

Yihan Wang, Le Havre: EM Normandie Business School

Master of International Business, Class of 2013

Master of Mergers & Acquisitions

Jörg Thomsen, Bergisch Gladbach: DeWert Deutsche Wertinvestment GmbH

Master of Mergers & Acquisitions, Class of 2017

Roman Wolkowski, London: Capstan Capital Partners LLP

Master of Mergers & Acquisitions, Class of 2009

Florian P. Meyer, Goldman Sachs

Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2012 & Master in Mergers & Acquisitions, Class of 2017

Martina Butz, Hanau: Stadtwerke Hanau GmbH

Master of Laws in Mergers & Acquisitions, Class of 2012

Bachelor Programmes

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Lucas Philipp Hell

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Class of 2017

Florian P. Meyer, Goldman Sachs

Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2012 & Master in Mergers & Acquisitions, Class of 2017

Sebastian Merkhoffer, Frankfurt: Excelling Ventures

Bachelor of Business Informatics, Class of 2012

Gerrit Sindermann, Zürich: div. FinTech & Start Ups

Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2004

Hendrik Keith, Frankfurt: DWS Group

Bachelor in Business Administration, Class of 2016

Christian Siemens, Frankfurt am Main: Bain & Company

Bachelor in Business Administration, Class of 2016

Kai Würzburger, Grenzach-Whylen: Roche

Bachelor in Business Administration, Class of 2016

Ronny Wittig, Bain & Company

Bachelor in Management, Philosophy & Economics, Class of 2011

Maurits Weigand, Frankfurt am Main: SAP

Bachelor in Business Administration, Class of 2009 & Master of Banking, Finance and Accounting & Taxation, Class of 2010

Philipp Schramm, Frankfurt: DDG AG

Bachelor in Management, Philosophy & Economics , Class of 2014

Christian Hecker, Frankfurt: Fintiba GmbH

Bachelor in Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Class of 2012

Ingo Stralkowski, New York City: Clew Partners

Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2007

Andy Hamer, New York: Hudson Square Investment Management

Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2007

Continuing Education Programmes

Other Programmes


Florian Brechtel, Frankfurt/Limburg: Dragoman

Diplom (degree in business administration), Class of 2001

Kristina Herzog, Frankfurt: Familien Treuhand GmbH

Diplom (degree in business administration), Class of 1995

Oliver Bader, London: BNY Mellon

Diplom (degree in business administration), Class of 1997

Björn Alexander Senger, Frankfurt: SMBC Group EMEA

Diplom (degree in business administration), Class of 2003

FS Summer Academy


The FS Alumni e.V. is the alumni association of the Frankfurt School.

We promote the exchange of experience between alumni, students, professors and employees of the FS. We also focus on promoting teaching, science and research as well as supporting students at the Frankfurt School - ideally and financially.