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Frankfurt School is looking forward to your support for a whole range of projects, from our AI Lab to our newly founded Green Finance Cluster Frankfurt – from endowed professorships to student scholarships. You can make your donation in direct support of the projects or activities that matter most to you.

Frankfurt School Fonds

By supporting the Frankfurt School Fund, you can help bring exciting plans and innovative projects to life. Typical projects include student initiatives such as FS Economy & Politics, FS Integration and the FS Championship, but also infrastructural projects for improving the business school’s learning and teaching facilities.


Faculty chairs

Our faculty has one of the most impressive research records of any business school faculty in Europe. Faculty members study key issues in economics, business, management and society.

Professors and faculty members publish the results of their research in leading scientific journals and discuss them with representatives of the market sectors and industries concerned. They are sought-after members of the research community and assist Frankfurt School’s friends and partners with their thoughts and advice. As a sponsor, you can join in and benefit from this ongoing academic discourse.

Promote research

Funding amounts:

Endowed chair* 250,000 euros p.a.
Junior Professor 100,000 euros p.a.
Graduate Student 55,000 euros p.a.
Research Project Project specific

*Endowed Chairs are for three years

Our Endowed Chairs

  • BHF-BANK Stiftungsprofessur für Private Wealth Management
  • Robert Bosch Juniorprofessur für die Nachhaltige Nutzung natürlicher Ressourcen
  • Commerzbank-Stiftung Stiftungsprofessur für Mittelstandsfinanzierung
  • Concardis Stiftungsprofessur für Bank- und Prozessmanagement
  • Deutsche Bank Stiftungsprofessur für Retail Banking
  • DZ Bank Stiftungsprofessur für Financial Economics
  • Fresenius Stiftungsprofessur für International Health Management
  • Dr. Werner Jackstädt Stiftungsprofessur
  • NORMA Stiftungsjuniorprofessur für Manufacturing


Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and MBA students

By donating or sponsoring a scholarship, you can help a promising candidate pursue a course of study at Frankfurt School regardless of their financial circumstances. By doing so, you personally support a talented, committed student. Full or partial scholarships are available.

Bachelor Master MBA


Frankfurt School has been involved in the Deutschlandstipendium programme since its inception in 2011. The programme is a Federal Government project that aims to support gifted students with a scholarship worth EUR 300 per month. The scholarship is awarded for a 12-month period, but candidates may reapply for subsequent periods.

The Federal Government provides sufficient funding for half of each scholarship: EUR 1,800. Universities are then required to find a sponsor who would be prepared to match-fund the remaining half of the scholarship to the tune of EUR 1,800.

Sponsors of the Deutschlandstipendium 2018/2019

  • André Buderus
  • Dr. Jutta Buscha-Hagenmüller
  • Oliver Bader, Andy Hamer und Jörg Hessenmüller
  • Marga Coing-Stiftung
  • Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG
  • DZ BANK Stiftung
  • Frankfurt School Alumni e.V.
  • Frankfurter Volksbank
  • ING DiBa
  • Dr. Horst Müller
  • Rainer Neske
  • Dr. Lutz R. Raettig
  • Dr. Steen Rothenberger
  • Bank J. Safra Sarasin
  • Dietmar Schmid
  • Gräfin Dr. Ingrid Solms-Wildenfels
  • AC Tischendorf


In the future, almost every job in finance and management will be affected by Artificial Intelligence. Yet rather than completely replacing jobs, it is more likely that AI will be used to streamline specific activities. At the same time, there will be a surge in demand for employees who know where and how this technology can be used most effectively. Future leaders must also be prepared to address the social, ethical and legal impacts and implications of the new technology.

Frankfurt School is responding to the challenges of AI in various ways – for instance by establishing a new Centre for Human and Machine Intelligence, as well as a Master in Applied Data Science degree course.


Labs (AI Lab)

Our AI Lab provides researchers and students with data sets for scientific research projects. Our labs also offer plenty of opportunities for hackathons and workshops. By donating to the AI Lab, you will help us equip our already excellent facility with even more powerful computers.

Scholarships for women on the Master in Applied Data Science programme

Women are still significantly underrepresented in STEM subjects. Frankfurt School wants to change this and support women on our new Master in Applied Data Science programme by awarding them scholarships. Be an educational pioneer – help women become the data experts of the future by sponsoring a full or partial scholarship!



FIRE – Financial Intermediaries and the Real Economy

The Financial Intermediaries and the Real Economy (FIRE) research centre uses cutting-edge scientific research to make new discoveries with a high degree of practical relevance. FIRE also offers young researchers plenty of opportunities for personal and professional development. Support FIRE with a donation and help guarantee a future for top-quality financial research.



Renewables@FS and Corporate Social Responsibility

The issues underlying sustainability and renewable energy represent a key priority for Frankfurt School, featuring in the business school’s research activities, academic curricula and many training and professional development programmes.

FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance

The FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate and Sustainable Energy Finance was set up at Frankfurt School in 2009 with the aim of encouraging public and private investment in climate adaptation initiatives and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in developing, emerging and industrialised nations. The UNEP Centre co-publishes the Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment report.

The Green Finance Cluster was founded by Frankfurt School in a joint venture with the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank Hessen (WIBank), the KfW banking group, the Center for Financial Studies at Frankfurt’s Goethe University, the Verein für Umweltmanagement und Nachhaltigkeit in Finanzinstituten (Association for Environmental Management and Sustainability in Financial Institutions – VfU) and the TechQuartier business incubator. The cluster is based at Frankfurt School and hosted by the FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance.



Sustainable campus

While building the new Frankfurt School campus, we also invested in renewable energies, including – among other things – a solar power plant on the roof and a small wind turbine. We converted our listed service station into an e-charging station for cars and bicycles. We planted a large number of new trees in the campus garden, and we settled colonies of bees on the north-side roof terrace to help stabilise the local urban ecosystem.

Master of Leadership in Development Finance scholarships

Make a donation in support of a student on our Master of Leadership in Development Finance programme. We designed this Master programme as an online course so that students around the world can take part. Most of them come from Africa. Alternatively, sponsor a student with a full or partial scholarship.


One of the fastest-growing industries in Germany is the start-up scene, and more and more Frankfurt School students are setting up their own businesses so they can fulfil their entrepreneurial ambitions. Frankfurt’s start-up community is growing, new industries are establishing themselves in the city and Frankfurt School has developed a reputation as a major driver of entrepreneurship. Increasingly, our curricula include content related to fintech and business start-ups. Become an entrepreneurship sponsor and work closely with Frankfurt School on events such as Start-Up Night. More about Sponsorship.

Donate to a project that matters to you – making donations online is easy via our fundraising portal.