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Our presence worldwide

In addition to our regional focus, we manage a portfolio of projects and programmes that have a global or multi-regional outreach. These are typically innovative, high-impact initiatives implemented at scale, which require deep technical and regional knowledge to be managed effectively. We support our partners in grant management and challenge funds covering topics such Climate Risk Insurance and Microfinance.

We are also currently managing framework contracts that span a range of topics such as Innovative Financing for Development, Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Resilience. In addition, we offer a wide range of e-learning programmes under the Development Finance e-Campus, which enables students globally to access strategic and emerging topics in the area of development finance.

More information about some of our global flagship projects can be found below.

Regional Office and Contact

Frankfurt Head Office

Adickesallee 32-34,
60322 Frankfurt am Main,


Fatma Dirkes
Director, Head of Executive Education and Vice President Frankfurt School