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Become a Champion

Some competitions FS has participated in include:

FS Championship

The student initiative FS Championship coordinates the participation of our sports initiatives in competitions against other European business schools. The goal is to assure the participation and success of Frankfurt School and our sports teams at these tournaments. Successful participation here is characterized not only by success on the playing field but also by all the fun and sportsmanship to be had and learned when competing on a team. Therefore, the annual Spirit Award from each event is an international object of desire.

FS Badminton

Whether you're a seasoned player or a complete beginner, FS Badminton offers the perfect platform to enjoy the sport, hone your skills, and foster lasting friendships. Join us to smash some shuttles, unleash your competitive spirit, or simply unwind and destress after a rigorous day of studies. With regular practice sessions and tournaments, FS Badminton promises not just an opportunity to improve your game, but also a chance to create unforgettable memories both on and off the court. 

Platzhalter coming soon

FS Basketball

FS Basketball has been at Frankfurt School for several years now during which time we have been able to bring home several trophies. But it isn't all about winning - we are here to have some fun after a long day at work or university. It doesn't matter whether you are an advanced player or a rookie, we welcome everybody who has passion for the game.

FS Basketball member

FS Championship

The FS Championship Board organizes the participation of Frankfurt School students in various national and international sport tournaments between leading European business schools.

FS Championship colorful rubber wristbands

FS Cheerleading

Why should you join?
FS Cheerleading is one of the best ways to get to know people and build friendships across semesters. You will learn a new and unconventional sport and will be part of a great team. Additionally, we will attend amazing sports events such as WHU Euromasters and Royalscup. If you want to have lots of fun and live the FS spirit to the fullest, apply now to attend one of our training sessions!

FS Cheerleading team

FS Chess

At FS Chess, we improve our analytical skills by solving chess puzzles, working on tactics, and analyzing middle and endgame positions. Players of all levels are welcome; don't hesitate to come by!


FS Cycling Club

Our group cycling tours are a wonderful opportunity to share experiences. Whatever your level of cycling experience, everyone who shares this passion is welcome. Join us on our regular rides and immerse yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds Frankfurt. The spirit of community is at the heart of every ride.

FS Dance

FS Dance is an initiative that provides dance and sports sessions every week for those who are interested. We offer such dance styles as Hip Hop, Bachata, Salsa, Contemporary, Shuffle, Bollywood and some more. On the sports side, we offer HIIT, Pilates, and Strengths workouts. Every student is welcome no matter of her/his level of preparation - we are here to have fun and enjoy! 

Platzhalter coming soon

FS Golf

FS Golf is the place for anyone who misses their valuable time at the driving range with friends while studying. We meet in weekly trainings where we teach beginners, basic techniques and provide technique training for already active golfers. In addition, we are the FS's platform to connect with golfers among fellow students and find our way to the course during the semester.
Our training sessions are located at


FS Hockey

If you are interested in trying out a new sport and testing yourself with your team in exciting matches, then FS Hockey is the place for you! We are the field hockey initiative at Frankfurt School. With us, you can try out a new, perhaps previously unknown sport in a very relaxed way. Our team consists of experienced players as well as beginners. This year our agenda is to participate in the Royls Cup in Maastricht and to fight for the title. We are looking forward to you to become a part of the team. 

FS Hockey game

FS Hunting Club

FS Hunting Club is an initiative who wants to have a closer look into the hunting activity and also inform students about a sustainable interaction with nature. 

FS Rowing

If newcomer or experienced rower, at FS Rowing, we welcome you to enjoy a beautiful team sport. Joining FS Rowing allows you to row through the city and get spectacular views from the water, while keeping yourself fit at the same time. Beginners courses usually take place over several weeks on Sundays at 10am, furthermore we usually meet on another day during the week for open training. Join us at the initiative fair or at our kickoff to ask your questions and get to know more about this wonderful sport.

FS Rowing team

FS Running

FS Running is Frankfurt School's student initiative for all students eager for running. If you are looking for a running buddy or need the presence of a group to motivate yourself this is the right initiative for you. We meet once a week for a 5 -10 km run. If you want to get your body in shape apart from studying, join us.

FS Running members

FS Soccer

We are the soccer initiative of the Frankfurt School. We take part in professional tournaments like WHU Euromasters and Royals Cup Maastricht. The aim of this initiative is to have fun playing football in a relaxed atmosphere. Here you have the chance to meet like-minded people who share your interests and build lifelong friendships.

FS Soccer member

FS Tennis

Established to offer tennis enthusiasts a convenient opportunity to pursue one of the world’s most prestigious and challenging sports, Frankfurt School’s tennis initiative is open to players of all skill levels. To seamlessly integrate with students’ and graduates’ busy schedules, training sessions take place during work-friendly evening hours. Game, set and match, Frankfurt School!

FS Tennis member

FS Volleyball

The FS Volleyball Initiative is the volleyball team of the Frankfurt School. At the beginning of each semester there is a tryout in which everyone can participate. After this tryout, we form a larger, flexible trainings group that practices regularly once or twice a week. From this group, a team is then put together for the two highlights in the fall - Euromasters - and in April - Royals Cup. At the Royals Cup 2022 we could even reach the 1st place. We are looking forward to meeting you in the gym.

FS Volleyball

FS Women's Soccer

Whether you were part of a team or have always wanted to try it: FS Women’s Soccer is a community of female students from every semester and every skill’s level, training weekly in a relaxed atmosphere. Having fun and building team spirit are our main priorities. Moreover, we compete as a part of FS Bulls in championships against European business schools.

FS Women's soccer