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community life

Student Life

Student Life at FS

Frankfurt School is a community of aspiring and inspiring individuals. This spirit is expressed in our various student initiatives, sporting and business competitions, the work of our Student Council, and other projects and events organised by the student body.

Contribute to student life at Frankfurt School by - for example - our blog, participating in one of our many events, engaging in a student initiative, heading a student initiative as a head or serving on the Student Council.

Don’t see an initiative that interests you? Then start one yourself! New ideas are always welcome. Set up a new student initiative and help make student life at Frankfurt School even more exciting and colourful.

There’s always something happening at Frankfurt School - so join in and experience student life in the fast lane!

What is a student initiative?

Frankfurt School currently hosts some 40 student initiatives in various fields, including sports, arts and culture, social engagement, and personal and professional development initiatives. A uniquely diverse offering in which all Frankfurt School students are welcome to participate, get involved and meet fellow students from all our courses and degree programmes.


06.09.2023 12:00:00

Community Life Fair on the campus Frankfurt

Frankfurt School student initiatives introduce themselves

07.01.2021 12:00:00

Frankfurt School Spirit Award

Interview with Lynn Cunningham and Patrick Becker