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Parents' Programme

Even during their last two school years many pupils begin to look at what they can do next. Perhaps the most important decision there is, and parental advice is more important than ever here.

The options after school are becoming increasingly complex

Whether training, training with studies, dual studies, part-time study or full-time study, and whether to do this either in a public or private college: if their career objective is mostly still unclear, the way is often even harder to find.

You as a parent are not only used as an anchor point and security for adolescents, but you are also the contact and advisor for financing matters as well as a valuable support for the first steps towards a new home and studying in a strange city.

The Frankfurt School Parents' Programme

In the Frankfurt School Parents' Programme you will have the opportunity of supporting your daughter or son before, but also during their study time, and of benefitting from the comprehensive advisory services of the Frankfurt School. In parent’s evenings, online information sessions and newsletters, we will help you through personal advice and an open ear for all your questions to make the right decisions with your daughter or son about how to proceed or as regards their studies. You will also remain part of the Frankfurt School even after their studies have started. You can strengthen the Frankfurt School community at numerous events for parents and friends both in Frankfurt as well as at various locations in Germany.

Application to the Frankfurt School

The application to the Frankfurt School is a two-stage process by which we differ from most state colleges, in that we want to ensure that our students are not just selected because of numerus clausus. At the Frankfurt School, apart from the applicant’s performance at school, which is a basis for analytical business and management studies, the applicant’s personality and motivation for personal development count to the same extent.

Only in this way can we be sure that the student will be challenged and encouraged by demanding courses - and will play an active role in the Frankfurt School Community.


Ich bin für verschiedene Formen von Beratungsgesprächen mit Studieninteressierten offen. Mit Eltern, (zeitweise) ohne Eltern. Die Entscheidung liegt ganz bei Ihnen. Wie auch immer Sie sich entscheiden - sprechen Sie mich an. Ich berate Sie gerne.

Peter Kiefer