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Helping them find their own path

For young people, choosing the right field of study is undoubtedly a landmark decision. And the moment they actually go to university coincides, more often than not, with the moment at which they first start to stand on their own two feet as young adults, by e.g. moving into flats on their own or into shared accommodation with others. For young people, this process is invariably both exciting and stressful, and of course you, as their parent(s), are very much involved, with a key role to play.

Considering decisions carefully

Frankfurt School’s Study Advisory team takes its role very seriously, providing new students and their parents with extensive advice and support. From the many interviews I have held with prospective students, accompanied by one or both of their parents, I am familiar with the intense discussions and exchanges that take place within families between the time a student leaves secondary (high) school and the moment she or he starts at university.

More Less

In most cases, I meet supportive parents who are helping their children to think carefully about their choice of studies, analyse their current situation with due care and attention, and ask the right questions in the right order. But I’ve also heard parents say things like “we’ll only fund you if you take a Business Studies degree” or “we don’t care what you study as long as it pays for itself as quickly as possible.” I’m not a family counsellor, so in specific cases, I’m unable to prevent the choice of a course of study from becoming a major source of conflict between parents and children. However, as one of Frankfurt School’s study advisors, I am very keen to help prospective students take a constructive, optimistic approach to the period between finishing high school and starting a course of study. The only thing that matters to me is the wellbeing of your child.

Helping them feel confident

This is, of course, another area where we count on you as parents. Nobody knows your child better than you do. When it comes to choosing the right course of study, I would urge you to encourage your daughter or son to find and follow their own path. By all means involve yourself in the process and offer support – but as a partner, without putting pressure on them or over-dramatizing the situation. Inspire confidence in them and in turn, trust your child’s decision.

Funding a degree course

You’ll find important information on Frankfurt School’s degree courses in our study guide or online. Useful details about funding options for covering student fees can be found here. 

The Frankfurt School Parents Programme

Application to the Frankfurt School

By joining the Frankfurt School Parents Programme, you have the opportunity to support your daughter or son not just before but also during their study time, as well as benefiting from Frankfurt School’s comprehensive advisory services. In our parents’ evenings, online information sessions and newsletters, we support you by offering personal advice and helpful, considered replies to all your questions, so you can help your daughter or son make the right decisions about how best to proceed or how best to tackle their studies.

You also remain part of Frankfurt School even after they have started their degree course. You can help strengthen the Frankfurt School Community by attending the numerous events organised for parents and friends in Frankfurt and other parts of Germany.