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FS Associates

FS Associates is the student Hedge Fund of Frankfurt School, managing virtual funds in a manner typically observed in the industry. We trade a wide range of markets and financial products in order to optimally arrange our portfolio and put our strategies into practice. We pursue a holistic investment approach to detect long and short opportunities, which we implement simultaneously to hedge market risk. Our target is to create solid returns with optimized risk throughout any market phase.

FS Automotive

If you are really into automobiles, FS Automotive is the right initiative for you. We aim to connect car-loving students of all semesters. For us, it does not matter whether you are more interested in the automotive industry as a whole or in the mechanics working inside of a car. The only requirement is that you are truly passionate about the topic itself. The goal of FS Automotive is to allow its members to share their passion and to get to know potential employers via visiting fairs such as the International Motor Show Frankfurt (IAA) together or during networking events like factory visits and speeches on campus.

FS Blockchain

Blockchain technology is changing the way we think about the transfer of values and may cause a fundamental shift in global financial infrastructure. At FS Blockchain, we help students understand the underlying technology and its numerous applications through tutorials and workshops. Additionally, we regularly invite guest-speakers to deliver valuable insights into the blockchain scene in business and academia.

FS Business Game

FS Business Game is a member of the Alliance of European Business Games. Through holding Frankfurt School Business Game, we provide globally relevant companies and high potential graduate students from more than 10 top business schools across the Europe a platform to innovate together on current and upcoming business challenges. Our ultimate goal is to create a unique experience of knowledge-sharing, collaboration and empowerment for future talents in the business world.

FS Coding

At FS Coding, our mission is to motivate FS students to start programming in order to learn what is, in our opinion, a basic business tool and to teach fundamental knowledge as well as professional improvement from existing skills. It is not necessary to have a technical or computational background to learn how to code. It’s fairly easy, but it needs a lot of dedication to begin with and that is where FS Coding comes in.

FS Economy & Politics

Political decisions have an immense impact on how business is done. Therefore, the goal of FS Economy & Politics is to make students at Frankfurt School aware of those relations. We invite high-ranking politicians, central bankers and corporate managers to FS for speeches regarding both economic and political topics. We also organize the conference "Business Forum" at FS and visit local businesses and political organizations. Everyone who is eager to learn about economic and political topics and is willing to invest a bit of time is invited to join our initiative.

FS Insider

FS Insider is the Frankfurt School's student newspaper. Writing, layout development, web design and graphic design are key skills learned and practiced in this initiative.

FS Invest

As a FS Invest member you actively engage in one of our departments: Equity, Fixed Income or Quant. All departments contribute to our inhouse portfolio through research, backtesting and pitches in front of our investment board. We provide our members with numerous events, workshops, office visits and networking opportunities with first class global financial institutions – not only in Frankfurt – but also at our annual London Banking Trip. If you are interested in joining FS Invest, visit our website below and apply for one of our departments at the beginning of the semester. We hope to see you soon!

FS Jumpstart

What possibilities do I have after completing my studies at FS and where do people with a similar background work now? FS Jumpstart is an initiative with the goal to show students exactly these possibilities in an informal environment. Each semester we will host events with speakers working for leading companies in the fields of Corporate Finance, Private Equity or Consulting. We want to give students the chance to assess for themselves in which of these areas they feel the most interested in or if they’d like to evolve their career in a different area. Face to face conversations with our speakers will give you a great opportunity to gain exclusive knowledge and receive answers to your questions immediately.

FS Model United Nations

Rhetoric, skillful negotiations, and sleepless nights: Participants of MUN conferences know that for a talented MUN debater, overtime in the office is only one obstacle to overcome in order to debate eloquently and skillfully later at the conference. Every year this initiative travels to the world's largest Model United Nations in New York to compete with other MUN delegations from around the world and to gain extraordinary experience.

FS Podcast

FS Podcast is a student initiative that discusses diverse business and social topics. On each topic, they invite an expert or leader in the field to discuss their experiences, successes and challenges. Their goal is to inspire students and young professionals to pursue their goals and to follow their dreams despite the hurdles. Also they hope to broadcast FS student achievement to our viewing and listening audience.


TEDxFS is a yearly independently organized TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) event and will display talks from various fields including medicine, neuroscience, entrepreneurship, and personal development. In TED's spirit of ideas worth spreading the events shall inspire people to further improve and to take on leadership within their chosen field. At the TEDxFS events, about 7 live speakers and 2 pre-recorded TED talks will be presented to the audience in order to spark vivid discussions.

FS Speech & Debate

Presentations and discussions have probably never been as important as in today's day and age. However, since no professional speaker has ever fallen from the sky and even the most charismatic students can still improve their speaking skills, this initiative is ideal for everyone! With the help of many exercises and honest feedback, your public speaking confidence, ability to improvise and structure discussions is thoroughly practiced. Additionally, FS Speech & Debate participates in debate duels and organizes the annual Students vs. Professors-Debate.

FS Sports Business

The sports business industry is now more lucrative and relevant than ever. But what really happens behind the scenes of a football club and how do companies use sports sponsorship to booster sales and market their products? 

As a FS Sports Business member, you will have the opportunity to speak to several representatives from sports institutions and companies and attend different networking events. Furthermore, the learned knowledge will be applied while organizing an internal Sports Tournament.

The FS Sports Business Initiative is ideal for people who want to combine their passion for sports with managerial skills.

Frankfurt School Student Consulting

FS Student Consulting is an official subsidiary of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and listed company in the German trade register. Currently, we have 60 members, all highly-motivated students of Frankfurt School with various backgrounds across all levels of study.

FS Unity

FS Unity is a community at Frankfurt School focused on raising awareness of LGBT+ issues and providing professional networking opportunities in various fields of business. Apart from regular monthly meetings among members, FS Unity organizes campus events, career fair visits, and guest speeches, all of which aim at connecting LGBT+ students and professionals.

FS Ventures

FS Ventures offers an opportunity for exchange between startups from the Rhine-Main area and the students of Frankfurt School. Both sides can benefit from this: The students have the opportunity to get in direct contact with the founders and to receive important tips and experiences. Startups can present and advertise their product to an open-minded but critical target group. In the future, the focus will be even more on venture capital and the diverse financing possibilities for young companies.

FS Women in Business

FS Women in Business is a platform of female students within Frankfurt School. In our initiative, there are “seniors” experienced in different fields, as for example consulting, start-ups, banking or asset management. This way, other female students are able to ask questions and network. We invite alumnae to talk about their experiences and inspire others with their stories as well as to create opportunities to get to know them personally. Once a semester, we organize panel discussions and Q&A sessions with professionals.