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We help you work out your very own application strategy, and we also help you prepare for internships or work placements so you get the most out of them. The Frankfurt School Job Board and the events we organize represent an excellent basis for building your own professional and personal network. They also help you make a successful transition to life in the workplace.



One-click online access! Frankfurt School students can easily find out everything they need to about our Career Services team and the various services we provide through the Online Campus. This is where you will find our Jobs Board, news, details of upcoming events, tips and presentations, a host of useful links and templates, and a whole lot more.

Tailor-made Career Counselling

Das Beraterteam der Frankfurt School Career Services bietet Ihnen eine maßgeschneiderte Beratung. Lernen Sie gemeinsam mit uns alle Dimensionen der Karriereberatung kennen und wählen Sie aus unserem umfangreichen Beratungsportfolio das für Sie passende Angebot:

CV & Co.
  • Vorlagen zum Lebenslauf
  • Tipps zum Anschreiben
  • Anpassung der Unterlagen an die Bewerbungsziele
  • Hinweise zu Layout und Struktur der Bewerbungsunterlagen

Job Search
  • Tipps zum Einstieg in Investment Banking, Consulting und Finance sowie spezielle Branchen, wie z.B. Private Equity, M&A, Fintech
  • Bereitstellung branchenspezifischer Informationen, z.B. Automotive, Real Estate, Digital Innovation
  • Informationen zu Tätigkeitsbereichen, wie z.B. Marketing, HR, Supply Chain
  • Empfehlungen zur Auswahl von Traineeprogrammen
  • Beratung zu strukturierten Summer-Internship-Programmen
  • Zugang zu unserem Stellenportal, exklusiv für FS Studierende
  • Aufzeigen von individuellen Recherchestrategien
Exploring Career Paths
  • Gemeinsames Reflektieren der bereits erzielten Erfolge und Meilensteine
  • Analysieren individueller Kompetenzen und Qualifikationen
  • Aufzeigen verschiedener persönlicher Karrierepfade
Application Strategy
  • Besprechen der nächsten Bewerbungsschritte
  • Unterstützung beim aktiven Netzwerkaufbau, Zugang zur FS Family
  • Vernetzung mit Entscheidern aus Fachabteilungen und HR
Interview Preparation
  • Informationen zu typischen Fragestellungen im Telefoninterview bzw. Vorstellungsgespräch
  • Einstellungstests und Assessment Center meistern
  • Vorbereitung auf Case Studies, Brainteaser und Informationen zu unternehmenstypischen Interviewprozessen
  • Bereitstellung von aktueller Bewerbungsliteratur
Internships Abroad
  • Tipps zur Praktikumsrecherche im Ausland
  • Unterstützung bei der Erstellung länderspezifischer Bewerbungsunterlagen
  • Zugang zum FS Career Services Netzwerk
German Job Market Preparation for International Students
  • Gesetzliche Rahmenbedingungen für Praktika, Werkstudententätigkeiten und Jobeinstieg für internationale Studierende
  • Ausgewählte englischsprachige Bewerbungs- und Karriereliteratur
  • Workshops, Case Studies, Application Trainings speziell für internationale Studierende
  • Empfehlungen zu Bewerbungsstrategien in Deutschland


Businesses need you!

Enterprises large and small value the practical, relevant training and qualifications possessed by Frankfurt School students.

So take advantage of every opportunity you find to supplement your academic work with commercial work placements. This will familiarize you with the world of business and build a useful foundation for future networking.

Here is a list of practical tips for building-up relevant work experience during your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree course:

We can help with all of the above. Our online Jobs Board is an excellent place to start searching for job vacancies: students and alumni can reach it through the Online Campus.

Meet your future employer on campus!

Career Services events are outstanding opportunities for our students to make direct contact with Frankfurt School’s business contacts. You too can become a part of our worldwide network! We organize and run many different kinds of events – but they all enable you to make personal contact with business representatives and Frankfurt School alumni. 

Our events offer students a perfect springboard for finding out more about corporate structures, recruitment or graduate training options and application procedures at an early stage in their studies.


Career Day

Position your organization at Frankfurt School and meet our excellently educated and highly motivated students. Join us on our campus to recruit your newest young professionals.

Next event:

November 3, 2021


Die Career Services bieten eine Vielzahl von Workshops, in denen sich Studierende z.B. über erfolgreiche Bewerbungsstrategien und den Arbeitsmarkt im In- und Ausland informieren können.

Special events

Present your company to a selected group of students or graduates in a specific social setting. (e.g. dinners and other culinary events)

Corporate and specialist presentations

An exclusive opportunity to tell our students and graduates more about your company by discussing topical issues and introducing the training schemes and career opportunities you offer.

Workshops and case studies

Work on case studies inspired by real-world scenarios with a group of students selected by you. Use the workshops to find out more about their specialist knowledge and personal qualities – a perfect opportunity to identify your potential executives of the future.


Show off your company’s best side! Invite our students to familiarize themselves with your working environment at first hand.


Please feel free to contact us if you have career related questions.