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Evaluation of Frankfurt School’s Degree Programmes

As part of the School’s quality management cycle, all modules in Frankfurt School’s degree programmes are evaluated each semester; they are then assessed against the School’s internal quality criteria and adjusted as necessary. Evaluations encompass the professional competence of the lecturer, rhetorical competence, materials provided and module structure.

The results are compelling: The results are compelling: in the Academic Year 2017/1, 45% of the School’s 2347 students participated in the newly implemented online-evaluations. 79% of the students voting rated the overall quality of the year’s 225 modules as "very good” or “good” (1.0-2.4).

The evaluations follow the German grading system, i.e. a 1-6 scale with “1” being the best.

Facts & Figures

Small Study Groups – A Professional and Well-Structured Learning Environment

The professional competence of Frankfurt School’s faculty was rated by students across all programmes, on average, with a "very good" (1.6). The module materials provided and the structure of the modules were rated "good" (2.2). Furthermore, accessibility and individual advice provided by Frankfurt School faculty were highly valued by the students (1.8).

Clear and Competent Teaching Methods

Faculty’s rhetorical skills enliven the classroom and foster exchange. This is reflected in the students’ satisfaction, with rhetorical competence rated, on average, as good (2.1).

Current and Relevant Content

Students attested to the relevance and level of material taught in the courses. Just 6% of the students voting rated the curriculum as not relevant. That aside, only 4% rated the level of the modules as extremely hard.