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Evaluation of Frankfurt School’s Degree Programmes

In order to ensure excellent studies, our courses are subject to a permanent quality cycle. Each course/module is evaluated and assessed on the basis of our internal quality criteria - and adjusted if necessary. In addition to the professional competence of our teaching staff, our evaluation focuses on their didactic competence, the teaching material, and the structure.

In November 2020, a new online evaluation system was introduced for course evaluations. The results for the academic year 2020/2021 are compelling:

Of the more than 14985 evaluation requests sent out, over 50% students participated in the newly introduced online evaluations. With more than 57% votes, the participating students rated the overall quality as "excellent" to "very good" (1.0-2.9)".

The criteria are rated on a 6-point scale, with 1 (= "excellent") and 2 (= "very good") being the best ratings.

Facts & Figures

Small Study Groups – A Professional and Well-Structured Learning Environment

The professional competence of the Frankfurt School's faculty was highlighted on average by more than 72% of the students and across all programmes as "excellent" to "very good" (1.8), the study materials (2.5) and the structure of the courses (2.4) were rated by the students as "very good" to "good". The support provided to students by the lecturers was valued as "very good" (2.1).

Clear and Competent Teaching Methods

The didactic competence of the faculty enlivens the teaching and leaves room for creative exchange. This is reflected in the students' satisfaction; they rated the didactic competence as "good" on average (2.4).

Current and Relevant Content

Students attest to the "very good" to "good" relevance (2.4) of the course content. Only 1.4% of the students rated the course content as "not relevant" and only 3% of the students thought that the level of the courses was far too difficult.