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Student Life2

Our Honour Code

Frankfurt School is an international community of aspiring and inspiring individuals. We share a commitment to a set of values that is enshrined in our Honour Code. The Honour Code forms the basis for the actions we take as individuals, and for our interactions with each other. The core values in our Honour Code are respect, responsibility, engagement, trust and cooperation.



We treat all members of the Frankfurt School community with respect, as we do Frankfurt School’s facilities and property – and in so doing we embrace the principles of ethical academic conduct. We extend this respect to other universities, where we take pride in representing Frankfurt School.



As a highly reputable business school, we rely on our student community to represent Frankfurt School with dignity and pride. We strive to make a responsible contribution to society and social progress. This strong sense of responsibility and social engagement is essential to Frankfurt School’s continuing development, growth, and success.



Student life at Frankfurt School is an unforgettable experience and flourishes as a direct result of individual contributions. By helping others with their questions or concerns, representing your fellow students as a group speaker, participating in one of our student initiatives or serving on the Student Council, you help to make our student culture lively and diverse. There are countless ways to engage with and shape our community.



At Frankfurt School, mutual trust is the cornerstone of our highly motivated student body and the key to our sense of identity. We trust each other to show respect towards fellow students, faculty members, Frankfurt School staff and property. Our trust in one other is essential for the dynamic collaboration that helps us to achieve our academic goals and foster Frankfurt School’s values both within and outside our community. Trust in each other plays a vital part in creating an environment in which we can learn, safely fail, and successfully grow to reach our full potential.



As lifelong members of the Frankfurt School Community, we are always aware that we share common goals and interests, and that respectful collaboration and a strong sense of fairness are essential for studying, working and living together. We value and promote an open and mutually supportive atmosphere in which every voice is heard, and teamwork is strongly encouraged.

Honour Council

The Honour Council is a committee of faculty representatives, students and of Frankfurt School employees. It oversees the compliance with the community values which we have agreed with our students and set down in our Honour Code. The principles of our Honour Code are respect, responsibility, engagement, trust and cooperation. Frankfurt School believes that these values help individuals to grow and the FS Community to prosper. This is why these principles represent the core values of our diverse FS Community and underpin Frankfurt School’s academic integrity. Consequently, it is important to share our Honour Code, encourage community members to adhere to it and - if need be - enforce it.

The Honour Council’s mission is to promote the values of the Honour Code within the FS Community, to develop our Code of Conduct in response to ethical and moral questions, and deal with violations of our Honour Code. Social misconduct, damage to property, or violations of the conventions governing proper academic work are examples of issues brought before the Honour Council. The Honour Council reviews and evaluates reported incidents and sanctions them if they are deemed to violate the Honour Code.

If you wish to report a possible violation or ask advice regarding possible misconduct, please contact

FS Spirit Award

Frankfurt School students engage with the FS Community and other communities in many different ways. The FS Spirit Award embodies Frankfurt School’s recognition and appreciation of students who live and breathe the business school’s Honour Code values to an outstanding extent, investing huge amounts of time and energy in extracurricular activities on behalf of their communities.