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FS Exchange Buddy

FS Exchange Buddy is an international student initiative. Current students are matched with incoming exchange students to help make their time in Frankfurt and transition into Frankfurt School the best experience possible. FS Exchange Buddy is a fantastic way to make a new friend from across the globe and learn about different cultures.


FS Chance

At FS Chance, you can become a mentor to a child in Frankfurt. As a mentor, you would meet and spend some time with the child every second week to help them develop in their early years and show them their full potential. Take the chance to learn from this amazing opportunity in youth development.


FS Charity

Poker tournaments, kicker (foosball) championships and grill events are only a few of the highlights of FS Charity! All of the profits from the events go to a charitable organization. An example of a charity we have supported in the past is "Mädchenbüro" in Frankfurt. It is a regional, intercultural institution that helps girls of migrant backgrounds.


FS Event

FS Event is proud to be in charge of many events at Frankfurt School like the Chill&Grills, Welcome Back Partys, Public Viewings and Welcome Days. This student initiative puts you in touch with not only other students and alumni, but also with our esteemed faculty. Come be an active part of the exciting student life on our campus!