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Get to know our Student Council

The Student Council represent the Student Body towards the university's institutions, faculty and administration, as well as outside of the university.


StuCo 2022

Johannes Hauenschild & Lea Kutschera

Speaker & Co-Speaker

The speaker and co-speaker are in charge of guiding and representing the StuCo. The responsibilities range from managing all ongoing projects with the StuCo, representing the student body in different councils, organizing and leading the General Student Assemblies, as well as preparing and conducting meetings with FS management.


Patrick Meyer & Soamya Singh

Internal & External Affairs

The representatives are responsible for making all actions of the StuCo as well as the events on campus visible to the student body, primarily via social media. Also, the communications representative is the first point of contact for the Alumni Verein and the student group speakers.

StuCo 2022

Francesca Paganelli & Aylin Günay


The events representatives are responsible for organizing and executing events to bring the student body together and to strengthen the FS spirit. These events range from semester opening and closing parties to networking events to joint events with student initiatives.

StuCo 2022

Korbinian Rudloff & Alisia Gahabka

Student Engagement

The student engagement representatives are in charge of supporting the student initiatives at Frankfurt School. The tasks range from assisting the founding of potential new initiatives as well as staying connected with the initiatives heads.

StuCo 2022

Ivana Cvejic


The treasury representative is responsible for managing the finances of the StuCo. This mainly includes administering the StuCo budget in order to benefit as many students as possible.

The Election

The Student Council (StuCo) gets elected for one year. At the beginning of February each year the election takes place as follows:


Sending out the Student Council (StuCo) election form (all enrolled students have the possibility to sign up as a candidate)

End of January

Online election takes place


The new members of the StuCo are announced to the student body


Besides the mentioned regular positions, we also represent student’s interests in quite many committees at Frankfurt School, for instance when dealing with scholarships, the appointment of new faculty members or the organization of examinations. Just to name a few concrete examples, we represent the students

  • in the “Fakultätsrat / faculty council”
  • the “Prüfungsausschuss akademische Studiengänge / faculty committee of academic programs”
  • the “Berufungskommissionen / appellate commission”
  • the “Förderausschuss / supporting committee”
  • the “Honour Council"
  • as well as some smaller committees and councils.