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Every year, the Frankfurt School organises numerous events for different target audiences, and companies are welcome to join in. As an event sponsor, you have multiple opportunities for presenting your company or brand, for example by displaying your logo, including your company name in marketing communications, or setting up a company stand at the venue.

Target audiences you can access at our events:
  • Students on all academic programmes
  • Alumni working in various sectors and industries
  • Contacts in positions of commercial, political and social importance
  • Faculty members and researchers
  • Executives and senior managers
Events to which you could contribute as a sponsor:

and many others.

Typical sponsorships gmbh is sponsoring the freshers’ week for Bachelor of Science students in August.

The 1997 and 2007 Class Reunion – including campus tour, executive workshop and reception – was sponsored by management consultancy Bearing Point.

Commerzbank sponsored the FS Alumni & Friends event in New York, inviting guests to the bank’s New York premises.

The Homecoming event, attended by over 300 students, alumni and friends, was sponsored by management consultancy Exxeta.