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Thematic Area:

HR Management & Development


2011 - 2020


Commercial Bank of Ethiopia



Country Coverage:           


Project Overview

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), Ethiopia’s largest commercial bank with more than 34,000 employees, has partnered with Frankfurt School over the past 10 years with several flagship Assignments in the following areas:

  • Design and implementation of a comprehensive Human Resources Strategy that aligns CBE´s Human Resource Management and Development with its vision and corporate strategy; 2011–2017.
  • Design, development and provision of External Trainings to CBE staff to upgrade its competency level and bring international expertise and diversity into the Bank’s learning and development programmes; 2013–2020.
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  • An Organisational Structure Study to strengthen CBE’s organisational capacities in view of its ambitious vision to become a world-class commercial bank by 2025; 2017–2018.

Frankfurt School experts carried out the design and implementation of a comprehensive Human Resources (HR) Strategy for CBE in four phases with the following results:

  • Created Human Resources Development (HRD) Strategy and supporting systems;
  • Helped CBE implement the newly developed HR Strategy and align its various HR systems with the overall strategy;
  • Established the newly developed HRD processes for CBE and developed newly hired HRD staff through intensive on-the-job coaching and class-room training programmes;
  • To increase the capacity of CBE staff, Frankfurt School supported CBE in setting up a professional training center (Center of Excellence); and,
  • Ensured success of the new initiatives through continuous support to HR staff in the professionalisation of daily operational HR work and administration.

As the External Training Provider for CBE, Frankfurt School implemented the following:

  • More than 1,000 trainings have been delivered to CBE staff members to date. Frankfurt School’s senior training experts developed tailored training curricula and materials and delivered trainings to different staff levels. Topics covered a wide variety of technical and soft skills such as branch management, credit management as well as negotiating skills and change management.
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The following activities were carried out under the Organisational Structure Study:

  • Gap and SWOT analysis;
  • Designed a functional matrix bridging organisational design and processes; and,
  • Organisation translation of processes and development of a process matrix based on the SWOT analysis.

Based on these deliverables, Frankfurt School experts developed an implementation plan and manual for the Bank. The organisational structure study provided CBE with insights that enabled them to restructure the Bank and move towards the goal to becoming a World Class Bank by 2025.