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“I found the Career Day to be an essential first step in getting to know the key players in the financial services and consulting industry. The main key take away for me was the understanding that it is never too early to make the right connections with your companies of interest. I found those conversations the most meaningful, where I was able to understand how I can match my core competencies with the company’s overall requirements and corporate culture.”

Anusche Amanpour
Full-time MBA Class of 2019

“Despite the event being held early in the academic calendar of the course, I found it as an invaluable opportunity to connect with companies I desire to be associated with. The most meaningful conversation I had was with the EY, PWC and Morgan Stanley. I had a very candid conversation of how my previous work experience coupled with the business school education I am receiving currently would help in my candidature for the role of a management consultant.”

Vaishali Shirish Bendre
Full-time MBA Class of 2019

"It was very efficient to find many high-calibre employers on one spot to discuss future career opportunities. Frankfurt School did a great job picking a variety of different industries. I had very meaningful conversations both with a couple of consultancies and other professional service providers."

Stephan Best
Executive MBA Class of 2019

“There are a lot of opportunities, even for international students with limited knowledge of German. Companies are interested in what you know and what role you want, preparing well and asking specific questions is really important, but at the same time confidently approach those companies which you find interesting even if you haven’t prepared. I had a great conversation with a product manager from Concardis. We talked about the changes and innovations in mode of payments in e-commerce, m-commerce and Concardis’ innovations in the area. I have been in touch with him through LinkedIn and he has been helpful in advising me about my application.”

Mohammed Safiulla Dadabei
Master in Management Class of 2020

“I would say coming out of the personal comfort zone and asking managers direct questions regarding future working opportunities at a company and evaluating prior to an application if you see yourself happily working at this company or not. By having the courage to do this, you can assure that initial work experiences are gained in working environments which are the most suitable ones for you. Besides, I had an interesting conversation with a representative of Accuracy regarding similarities and differences of company structures and philosophies between mid-size and global consulting firms and the effects for students’ and fresh graduates’ very first hiring.”

Tahir Gökduman
Master in Management Class of 2020

“The most meaningful conversation for me at the FS Career Day was with BlackRock. Unsure about whether I could fit in the company without previous work experience in finance, I approached BlackRock with questions on their real estate investment business. The company representatives carefully explained their different areas of business and gave detailed information on their teams working in real estate investment. They also asked me about my background in architecture and planning, and they were able to provide feedback on how someone with my unique experience could fit into their company.”

Corinna Haas
Full-time MBA Class of 2019

"My most meaningful conversation was with a recruiter of a consulting company. I went to the recruiters and told them I am a first year student without any significant experiences and that I am very interested in the business of restructuring. I asked them what I can do to become a part of the firm’s team and they invited me to apply for a workshop. So I directly applied and got an answer after two days: - I got invited! For me a great chance and perhaps the first step to become a consultant in the future… And everything started at FS Career Day 2018!”

Tom Krieger
BSc Class of 2022

“I happened to have my most meaningful conversation with a small company which was actually not on my priority list. I was impressed when I saw that the company has many ongoing projects on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) which is a new technology in the market. Thanks to my experience with SAP and some exposure to RPA in my previous job I struck a nice conversation and found out about opportunities and projects in RPA and SAP technologies. I also learned how the company deals with clients and where I could best use my experience.”

Chinmaya Mandavgane
Full-time MBA Class of 2019

"FS Career Day enabled me to not only visualise the vast landscape of the German financial industry, but also learn about the array of opportunities available for students. An event at which hundreds of professionals from top firms visited our campus and engaged with us in meaningful conversations was certainly beyond my imagination and expectation. As an international student in the final semester of my degree, I really appreciate this invaluable opportunity."

Nhat Ngo
BSc Class of 2019

“I had a great conversation with a consultant from Roland Berger. I came in prepared and confident, meaning I could have a productive and fun conversation with him. I got his business card and we have been e-mailing back and forth. I have gotten invaluable information on how to approach my application and the interview process. Now I have an advocate that I can mention by name when I apply.”

Ryan J. Saunders
Full-time MBA Class of 2019

“Companies like to see that you are prepared, so it is a good idea to think about some questions prior to arriving. Ask questions about a specific job opening or their approach to recruiting (e.g. how many rounds of interviews to expect) and it will be easy to make a connection. If someone hands you a card and encourages you to follow-up, do so by the next day. Every interaction reflects how you would act as a colleague, so a timely response is one way to leave a good impression.”

Yasmin Schaab
BSc Class of 2019

“Frankfurt School provides this wonderful opportunity of Career Fair to not only make useful contacts with company employees but also to gain insights into the German Job market and identify one's own personal preferences vis-a-vis one's professional ambitions - which is ultimately an advantage to the students in the long run. This year's Career Fair was a great success as far as the role of the management/Career Services was concerned. However, in order to make it a success from the student's perspective, it is very important for all students to use this opportunity, to take initiatives and pave their way to their dream job/company.”

Jaskaran Singh
BSc Class of 2022

“I would say, understanding the work options available to a Finance student in and outside Frankfurt was my key take way of the Career Day. I discovered this element after I had good conversations with professionals from Moody’s, Commerzbank, PwC and other top notch organisations. I would start my conversation by asking the company representative to share their career story of being in that organisation and then move on to discussing my goals and expectations. This is how I connected, always with a dialogue.”

Akansha Singla
Master of Finance Class of 2020

“I’ve talked with 4-5 companies which I’m interested in and the longest and most meaningful conversation was with Porsche Consulting. Since I asked directly about a data science position which was posted on their job portal, the HR gave me a clear picture of the department and what they expect from that position. As I worked for Porsche in my home country before, it helped to arouse her interest in my experience and we had a nice conversation about the company. I was able to apply for the position by directly sending it to her email. She replied kindly and forwarded my application to her colleague the next day. In a week, I received delightfully the invitation for a Skype Interview.”

Sitong Ye
Master in Applied Data Science Class of 2020

“Other than watching World Cup, I don’t have any relation with football. Though I thought it a cool sport, I didn’t dare to speak to Eintracht Frankfurt. At the end of the Career Day, the smile I received from Eintracht’s staff gave me courage to start a conversation with them. It turned out to be very inspiring. We casually exchanged our views of Chinese/German football and talked about their cooperation with the Chinese Market. And I got to realize: I shall not limit myself to the areas I’m experienced in, but also dare to explore all different opportunities!”

Shasha Yuan,
Full-time MBA Class of 2019