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"Having the opportunity to share insights with fellow students and professionals about the future of the job market helps one realize the importance of new pursuits and of the international experience we engage in the environment we learn and work in. I most enjoyed talking to a representative from P&G, who opened my mind about new fields of work and how to filter through choices when I analyse my next work opportunities."

Oana Barabula,
B.Sc. in International Management, Class of 2022

"The Career Day is a truly unique opportunity to get in contact with potential employers, practice your networking skills and work on your own business network. Especially as an Ambassador, you have the chance to meet some exhibitors in advance and leave a first impression.
The most remarkable conversation of that night was with some employees of Boeing, since they’ve been very patient to answer all of my questions and advise me about all of the possibilities (within their company) for my internship abroad."

Christina Bosch,
B.Sc. in Business Administration Class of 2021

I had two personal key take away from the Career Day at Frankfurt School:

#1 Perfect event to explore job opportunities and to inquiry about the thesis project.

#2 Thank you for bringing so many top recruiters together.

Rebeca Valdés Ceron,
Executive MBA, class of 2021

"The Career Day was a very exiting event that gave me the opportunity to connect with  recruiters and network with alumni of top Tier companies in Germany and Europe. The event helped me specially to understand how different recruiting processes among companies work and to have insightful onversations.
I had a great conversation with people from Zeb, a management consulting focused on the financial services industry, which encouraged me to explore opportunities in consulting."

Andres Gevert,
Master of Finance Class of 2020

"Career Day has always been a great opportunity for me to be motivated and to know where my next step is. I attended my first Career Day at Frankfurt School two years ago when I was still a Bachelor exchange student who could not speak a sentence of German, and I was encouraged by companies such as JP Morgan and Citi to take challenges and find my career passion. This year, as a first-year Master student, I was much better prepared and I focused more on the summer internship application process of top investment banks. I really enjoyed talking to so many company representatives and alumni from Frankfurt School, who not only gave me advice on the application process in detail but also generously shared their own career development experience."

Wenke Hu,
Master of Finance Class of 2021

"The Career Day organized by Frankfurt School Career Services gave me the opportunity to connect with companies I am interested in. I had the chance to talk to many company representatives and discussed about open positions and entry possibilities for professionals in their organizations. The event also provided me useful information on which company to target once I finish my MBA programme."

Aslam Khadaroo,
Part-time MBA Class of 2020

"I used the career day to get to know the backgrounds of many professionals and understood that there are many ways to achieve your goals and that there is no single best path. I also got to know the day-to-day business of some industries and the changes they faced in recent times. I had a really meaningful conversation with a consultant from Ebner Stolz on how generating value for your employer is facilitated when you enjoy your work and when it generates happiness for you."

Burak Emir Koşar,
B. Sc. in Business Administration, Class of 2023

“I learnt how I fare in terms of my networking skills & how to further improve them. Also, interacting with the company representatives helped me realize my areas of interest & the kind of research I need to do to be well prepared for the job market. I had a very meaningful conversation with one Frankfurt School alumnus at Fresenius. It was a great experience getting insights about the company from him.”

Chandra Vijay Kudchadkar,
Full-time MBA Class of 2020

"Career Day gave me the chance to be closer to the companies’ environment, it is a great moment to ask the questions that you may not always be able to make. My personal take away of the Career Day is: the more you prepare, the better the information and insights you get. Showing interest and previous research in the company places you in a different conversation than standing there without “purpose”. The most meaningful conversation I had was in Spanish, English and German at the same time, so don’t underestimate every skill you have, because it may be the key for your success."

Paola Leyva R,
Full-time MBA Class of 2020

Since I joined Frankfurt School I have been struck by the attention and care dedicated to each student. We are provided with the opportunity to choose the path that reflects our personal inclinations and reap the full benefits of an unparalleled education. Personally, I regarded the Career Day as the latest evidence of a truly committed institution that enables students to rise as high as their talents allow while getting a glimpse of what the opportunities and challenges ahead are. Amongst the different conversations I had the privilege to entertain to talk to a recruiter from Danone. Not only he offered a comprehensive account of what an internship at Danone encompasses but also took a genuine interest in understanding whether Danone’s job positions were in line with my current objectives. I was extremely grateful for his personable and patient approach.

Manfredi Marozzi,
Master in Management Class of 2021

"Frankfurt School provided the opportunity for us to have meaningful conversations with an exceptional selection of companies. The conversations provided great insight into employment trends and the shift in skill sets required in the future workplace.
I had a few takeaways: Industry insights - Exponential change in a few areas, mostly incorporating technology and business models as well.
Career management - With skills disruption we need to regularly take stock of our skill-sets and life-long learning is simply a must."

Indileni Nambala,
Executive MBA, class of 2021

“Many thanks to Frankfurt School Career Services for organizing Career Day at the beginning of the MBA program. The event gave me an immense opportunity to make useful corporate connections and to have meaningful conversations with employees of leading consulting and tech companies. The insights received from those conversations will help me to prepare and align my skills & competencies in line with the company's overall requirements.”

Preet Sanjay Shah,
Full-time MBA Class of 2020

My personal take away from Career Day was that technical and professional knowledge are important factors, which have to be fulfilled in the first place for a successful application. However, the most crucial success factor is one’s personality and the personal fit to the company to outstand in an interview. Besides, I met an alumna from Frankfurt School who was in a similar situation when she was studying at Frankfurt School and her success story and tips helped me a lot.

Jonathan Stoltefaut,
Master of Finance Class of 2021

"During the career day, I talked to a number of consulting companies and learned a lot about their projects and application process. I was very glad to find out that many of the representatives are FS alumni, who were very generous to share their experience and stories with us.
Before the career day I was worried that as a non-native German speaker, I would have limited choices with consulting jobs. But when talking to a representative from Zeb, he showed interest in my background as a Chinese and his appreciation for my effort in learning German. I feel that as international students we should be more confident to present ourselves. Plus keep calm and learn German."

Feiya Su,
Master in Management Class of 2021

"Career Day at Frankfurt School is a really meaningful event. Through the event, I could easily get in touch with hundreds of companies. Most important of all, I have had a chance to know my advantages and weaknesses and prepare myself well to approach companies at their stands. For example, as a student of the Master in Applied Data Science programme, I was very happy to find out that lots of the companies offer data analytics jobs. I felt very excited because these recruiters really offer us lots of chances to make a real impact."

Liya Wang,
Master in Applied Data Science Class of 2021

"In discussions with the various companies I once again became aware of how important "fit" is. It is not only important that the content of the work matches interests and strengths. Rather it is also crucial to get a feeling for how a company works and what visions it has for the future. The Career Day offers a great opportunity to develop a feeling for that.

Each conversation was interesting in its own way. Talks ranged from small talk and general information to very concrete and specific questions such as entry-level positions and further training opportunities. Here I was particularly surprised by the consulting companies some of which offer extremely exciting development opportunities and thus alternatives to the direct transition to a Master's degree."

Carl Wollenhaupt,
B.Sc. in International Management, Class of 2020