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“Talent matters?! Recruiting for creative destruction”

Mingle with students, alumni and stakeholders of the start-up scene.

When: March 16, 7.00 pm 
Where: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, 
Sonnemannstr. 9-11, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Audimax

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Deutsche Bank, Talentschmiede, Creditshelf, Crowd Desk, Elbe Finanzgruppe, Cambridge Editing, dwins, FastBill, Fintiba, Genusswolke, The Office Frankfurt, & MyChipsBox

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7:00 pm Welcome Dr. Heike Brost, Leiterin Degree Programmes & Executive Education
7:10 pm Panel with
Talent matters?! Recruiting for creative destruction

Professor Dr. Philipp Sandner, Leiter FS Blockchain Center, Frankfurt School

Professor Dr. Nils Stieglitz, Professor für Strategic Management und Leiter des Management Departments an der Frankfurt School
Mark Korzilius, Gründer von Farmers Cut und Vapiano
Chris Bartz, FS Alumnus, CEO & Mitgründer bei Elinvar, ehemals Venture Partner bei FinLeap
Michael Koch, Head of Digital Factory & Online/Mobile Banking bei der Deutschen Bank
Stefan Rühle, CEO & Gründer Talentschmiede
Boris Behringer, Director Porsche Digital Lab Berlin
8:00 pm Networking Recruiting und Networking Marketplace, Supporters' Lounge, Start-up Job board, Social Media Lounge, Food Corner und mehr
10:00 pm End

Panel Description

New technologies such as Blockchain, machine learning or 3D printing mark the beginning of a new wave of creative destruction and renewal, with start-ups often in the vanguard. Ever more graduates and professionals demand self-fulfilment and autonomy from the corporate hierarchies, dress codes or office hours. Ever more corporations tap into the creativity of start-ups, which are free of regulations, strict rules, suits and ties. Heads, people, personalities seem to be the quintessence of creativity and start-up success. But what talents are truly suited for founding and growing a start-up? Is attitude more important than skills? How do you find the right team? Do drinks at the bar oust CVs and application letters? Is there a breaking point for a (non-) corporate culture? How can start-ups win in the war for talent?

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