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BSc students in a group photo

Frankfurt am Main, 31.08.2018 12:00:00

With the start of the new winter semester Frankfurt School of Finance & Management welcomes 441 new students of the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts. 269 Bachelor of Science students are a new record for Frankfurt School. About one third are female. The students come from 34 different countries. 17 percent of the participants are international students. 172 new students will start the Bachelor of Arts. 61 of them are female.

On Monday, August 27, 2018, Dr Matthias Catón, Programme Director of the Bachelor of Science, welcomed the new class. In his speech, he emphasised changes in the world of work and how Frankfurt School reacts. “Artificial Intelligence will change our working environment dramatically. Because of that, even more important than the theory you learn at Frankfurt School are skills such as analytical capability, creativity, persistence and the capacity to embrace new ideas. This is the core of our education”, says Matthias Catón. Furthermore, he advised the students to act responsible: “Excellent education prepares you for management functions. This also means to take responsibility – for weaker members of our society and the community in general”.

In addition, the introduction week gave the newcomers plenty of opportunities to get to know each other and forge early friendships. During the week, Frankfurt School staff gave the students other important course-related information in a series of presentations and workshops.

Good academic education and the possibility to network

Luca Tombers, who starts the Bachelor in Digital Innovation and Fintech, aims to combine Management as well as IT topics in her programme. “Prior, I had contact with current students of the programme and they gave me a positive feedback. The working environment is changing quickly. In my opinion, the programme gives me the chance to get a state of the art education and to be prepared”, says Luca Tombers. Moreover, she has a good feeling talking to all the other students and the FS staff: “So far, everybody has been very friendly and helpful”. Another reason for her to study at Frankfurt School is its network with companies in different industries.

BSc student portrait

Luca Tombers starts the Bachelor of Science in Digital Innovation and Fintech

Jaskaran Singh, who originally comes from India and starts his Bachelor in International Management at Frankfurt School, chose the business school because he has participated in the Bachelor Day. “Last year I visited the Bachelor day. There, I have met Matthias Catón. Meeting different persons working for Frankfurt School made me very comfortable to  start my studies here – they had just convinced me”, says Jaskaran Singh. Moreover, he is looking forward to gain practical experience through various internships.

BSc student portrait

Jaskaran Singh: From Bachelor Day to Frankfurt School

On Friday, August 31, Dr Veronika Kneip, Programme Director of the Bachelor of Arts at Frankfurt School, welcomed the new students on behalf of the institution. “We are very pleased that you are here and your programme starts now. It is a very special day today – it is very rare that we welcome all Bachelor of Arts students here on campus – also, you are the first group that celebrates the opening in our new building”, emphasised Veronika Kneip. In her speech she outlined that graduating at Frankfurt School opens many doors: “The success of our business school during the last years should also become your personal success. At the same time, your success is our success – you are ambassadors for us and represent the institution”.

Sulana Derstroff, who begins her Bachelor of Arts in General Management at FS and currently works in Marketing for the Rheingauer Volksbank, aims to gain new theoretical knowledge during here studies. “Because of my dual education in banking I have already gained a lot of experience in this field. Now I want to broaden my knowledge and skills in General Management to get additional options in the future”, emphasises Sulana Derstorff. Furthermore, she aims to extend her personal network.

Bachelor of Arts student portrait

Sulana Derstroff starts the Bachelor of Arts in General Management