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Frankfurt am Main, 08.08.2019 12:00:00

Since April 2019, Nicolas von Loeper who graduated from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, has been Chief Commercial Officer at Bethmann Bank. The 49-year-old is responsible for client relations as well as business development. Prior to that, he was Managing Director at a prestigious family office

“My current role is completely different to my previous. I meet customers with different backgrounds and needs on a daily basis. Hence, there are many ways to find the best solution for them”, emphasises von Loeper.

The great variety in the new role was the primary reason the Frankfurt School alumnus chose to leave the family office after three years. For this reason even an expert like von Loeper can still learn new things every day.

Advice for graduates: Argue with your customers in a positive way 

Students and graduates who want to start a career in private wealth management should gain a lot of experience in different fields. According to von Loeper, they should also be able to argue with their customers in a positive way.