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Frankfurt am Main, 20.12.2019 12:00:00

Today and tomorrow, 35 German, research-strong economists from universities, business schools and central banks in Europe, the US and Canada gather at Frankfurt School for the 16th conference “German Economists Abroad“. In simultaneous sessions, they present their current research covering a broad range of topics. This morning, for example, Andreas Ferrara, University of Pittsburgh, presented his work on “Fatherless: The Long-Term Effects of Losing a Father in the U.S. Civil War“. Tomorrow, Stephan Luck, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, will outline his research on “The Effects of Banking Competition on Growth and Financial Stability: Evidence from the National Banking Era“. Later today, Kristin Kleinjans, California State University, will give a talk on her research on “The Effect of the Fall of the Berlin Wall on Children’s Noncognitive Skills“.

Frankfurt School President Professor Dr. Nils Stieglitz welcomes the attendees on campus and introduces them to FS, its portfolio and strategy.

Tobias Berg, Associate Professor for Finance at Frankfurt School, hosts the conference. He explains that the two days not only stimulate scientific debate but help the attendees to foster their network. A visit of the Christmas Market in Frankfurt and a dinner at Frankfurt’s Old Opera restaurant Opéra are also planned. There, Professor Dr. Udo Steffens, Chairman of the Executive Board of FIRM, will give a dinner speech. Frankfurt School as well as all attendees thank FIRM (Frankfurter Institut für Risikomanagement und Regulierung) for supporting the conference generously.