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Frankfurt am Main, 21.02.2020 12:00:00

Germany's economy is running. Companies and headhunters are looking for suitable talent. The luxury of a well-functioning job market is both a blessing and a curse - the probability of finding a job quickly is high, whether this is the dream job is written in the stars. Much supply leads to confusion.

The question of which job is the right is asked by almost everyone and companies do not want to hire the wrong employee. Boas Bamberger, co-founder of App Aivy and graduate of the Master in Management at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, aims to solve the problem with his start-up. Together with David Biller, Florian Dyballa and Arbnor Raci, he launched Aivy in August 2019.

"Aivy is an app that helps young professionals to find out their hidden skills in order to find the right job. Various challenges, which are prepared in mobile games, help them to do so - in addition, the user has to enter some personal data. The result is a precise forecast of future job satisfaction," explains Boas Bamberger.

Users can complete the challenges on their smartphones, which don’t take longer than three minutes. According to the founders, the app also helps companies to get the right applications. Major corporations such as MLP trust the start-up and use it for their recruitment.

According to Boas Bamberger, the start-up is aiming for a turnover between two and three million euros by 2021.