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Frankfurt am Main, 30.07.2020 12:00:00

Professor Dr Edgar Löw, Professor of Accounting and Program Director for the Post Experienced Masterprogrammes, especially the Master in Auditing, at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, has been re-elected to the Banking Stakeholder Group (BSG) of the European Banking Authority (EBA). In that advisory council, he is one of four independent top-ranking academics. In the last term he coordinated the working group on supervisory, governance, accounting, reporting and disclosure.


The BSG is composed of 30 members representing in balanced proportions credit and investment institutions operating in the Union, their employees' representatives as well as consumers, users of financial services, academics and representatives of small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). The Group's role is to help facilitate consultation with stakeholders in areas relevant to the tasks of the EBA.