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Frankfurt am Main, 17.06.2020 12:00:00

fi-compass just published 24 country studies developed with the support of Frankfurt School and Ecorys on the financing needs in the agriculture and agri-food sectors

To better understand the financial environment in which farmers and agri-food enterprises in 24 EU member states operate, Frankfurt School and Ecorys supported the development of 24 specific country reports. The analyses include banking systems, major financial players for the two sectors, and what is offered as loans, guarantees and various financial schemes with national and/or EU financing.

The 24 country studies can be accessed on the fi-compass website:

The reports provide country-specific conclusions on how to improve existing financial instruments and set up new ones. Those could be used by the Managing Authorities to set up financial instruments as early as possible with the objective to offer affordable finance to farmers and agri-food enterprises.

The studies are based on the findings of interviews with 7,600 farmers and 2,200 agri-food companies across the EU. The reports estimate the financing gap for agriculture in the EU between EUR 19.8 and EUR 46.6 billion, while for the agri-food sector the estimated gap is more than EUR 12.8 billion.

The European Commission’s press release on the reports is available at:

To read the European Investment Bank’s press statement go to: