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Frankfurt, 13.05.2020 12:00:00

On May 18, 2020, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management’s e-Campus is launching an additional intake for the Certified Expert in Climate & Renewable Energy Finance, Digital Finance, Sustainable Finance and Risk Management.

As covid-19 has made the whole world home bound, Frankfurt School reacts to the high demand for its online courses. Also, not to mention, companies face huge risks in these situations.

The Certified Expert in Risk Management programme educates its participants on mitigating any kind of risks that are inherent in a company or business due to external or internal factors. As the reports from all over the globe show that this time has helped reduce the climate risk, Frankfurt School’s courses on climate and renewable energy finance as well as sustainable finance have gained a lot of popularity. Furthermore, Digital Finance has again picked up as the developed world lacks infrastructure to support cashless transactions.

With its programmes and consulting, Frankfurt School is an important player when it comes to sustainability in the financial sector.