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Frankfurt am Main, 13.05.2020 12:00:00

An interview with Jaskaran Singh, Bachelor of Science student at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, has been published in the latest newsletter from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research: "Deutschlandstipendium: kleine Hochschulen, starkes Miteinander".

Singh emphasises taking the initiative and facing new challenges to grow and learn. The Deutschlandstipendium supports him in moving forward. "The scholarship motivates and inspires me. The award also confirms that I can achieve my own goals", said Jaskaran Singh.

Receiving the scholarship has given him the opportunity to meet his donor Rainer Neske, Chairman of the Board of Management of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and Chairman of the Foundation Board of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, and gain insights into the career of a top manager. The exchange between donor and scholarship holder is at the heart of the Deutschlandstipendium at Frankfurt School and enables a valuable exchange of experiences.


Jaskaran Singh

In 2011, Frankfurt School became one of the first universities in Germany to offer the Deutschlandstipendium.

The scholarship is a programme for students, jointly financed by the government and private donors such as alumni, companies, foundations and private individuals. One half of the scholarship is financed by the private sector and the other by the government. Frankfurt School does not only place value on the achievements of the scholarship holders but also social and socio-political engagement.