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Frankfurt am Main, 19.10.2020 12:00:00

Big data and artificial intelligence are reshaping the business world, meaning that sustainable innovative digital solutions are needed for organisational leadership, management structures and product design, as well as corporate administration and finance. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is responding to this change by integrating pressing questions and topics in greater depth in a new degree programme, the Master in Data Analytics & Management (M.Sc.).

The part-time programme lasts four semesters and is specially tailored to the needs of managers and professionals seeking to acquire competencies and skills in the entrepreneurial fields of analytics, infrastructure, technologies, digital transformation, innovation, big data, communication and leadership. “The aim is to provide students with a broad knowledge base within seven modules, with which they can successfully plan, drive and lead an organisation’s digital transformation and innovation process”, says Vera Schenderlein, Programme Coordinator.

The modules will be supplemented by an additional experiential learning module in which Frankfurt School cooperates with the SAP Innovation Centre. Participants will be working on a real word data-driven management problem. The programme will start in October 2021, early bird discount is available until 30 April 2021. Applications can be submitted until 15 August 2021.

Further information can be found here.