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Wind mills

Frankfurt am Main, 16.10.2020 12:00:00

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, in cooperation with Frankfurt School Verlag, organised its first-ever audited climate-neutral conference, the “Sustainable Finance Summit”, on 18 September. The conference focused on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and effective sustainability management. Lukas Huber, Anton Güthe and Christopher Carter, students of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, together with their team from the young company Nullify, supported Frankfurt School and the carbon footprint evaluation of the conference.

The analysis shows: At 5.21 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, the conference was low in emissions given the size of the building and compared to similar events. This is partly due to the good energy efficiency values of Frankfurt School’s building. There were also very few emissions from participants' journey to the conference. “Most of the conference guests travelled to the event by public transport. As a result, emissions in this area were reduced to a considerable extent. It is exemplary how the guests of a Sustainable Management Summit enact the values of the event in their behavior”, says Christopher Carter, COO at Nullify.

In order to compensate for unavoidable residual emissions, Nullify arranges for selected climate protection projects that contribute to nature conservation and create local jobs. For example, Frankfurt School offset emissions generated by its Sustainable Management Summit by supporting a reforestation project in Panama.