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Frankfurt am Main, 23.04.2021 12:00:00

How do you teach students what sustainability really means? Can electives impart the necessary knowledge? U.S. online magazine Poets & Quants discussed the issue with a number of leading business schools. And one of the conclusions was that practical experience, whereby students directly tackle the various aspects of sustainability, is essential. A good example of this is the consulting project set up by Frankfurt School students on behalf of PfefferminzGreen.

You can read the full Poets & Quants article here.

Non-profit organisation PfefferminzGreen is an incubator of social and humanitarian projects in Africa, with the aim of making them self-sustaining – coffee farms in Ethiopia are good examples. PfefferminzGreen was founded by Dr Steen Rothenberger, who sits on Frankfurt School’s Advisory Board, and his wife Stella Rothenberger. Last year, Angelika Werner, Frankfurt School’s Vice President Strategic Relations, put students in touch with the Rothenberger family so they could find out more about sustainable development projects and assist by working on projects – including coffee farms in Ethiopia and a tailor’s shop in Sierra Leone – as pro-bono advisers. The students formulated initial recommendations for action and are now taking them forward on location in Ethiopia.