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Frankfurt am Main, 08.06.2021 12:00:00

Professor Tobias Berg, Professor of Finance and Head of the Finance Department at Frankfurt School, and Professor Yigitcan Karabulut, Assistant Professor of Finance at Frankfurt School, have won prestigious awards for their publications in the academic journal "The Review of Financial Studies". Together with Michael Haliassos and Thomas Jansson, Yigitcan Karabulut conducted research on financial literacy externalities. The research team shows that exposure to financially educated neighbours has a medium- to long-term effect on one's own financial behaviour. Thus, there is a transfer of knowledge and not merely imitation. For their work, the research team received the Hillcrest Best Paper Award in Behavioral Finance, endowed with 5,000 USD. Tobias Berg wins the Michael J. Brennan Best Paper Award (runner-up), endowed with 2,500 USD, together with co-authors Valentin Burg, Ana Gombović and Manju Puri for his research on the digital footprint and the prediction of consumer defaults. The researchers show that even simple, easily accessible information from the internet (the digital footprint) can be used to check creditworthiness. The digital footprint complements information from credit bureaus and affects access to credit.

Click here for the paper by Professor Yigitcan Karabulut.

Click here for the paper by Professor Tobias Berg.

Tobias Berg

Professor Tobias Berg

Yigitcan Karabulut

Professor Yigitcan Karabulut

Every year, The Review of Financial Studies presents four awards for the best papers in the journal. The editorial team evaluates the submissions and chooses the winners in an anonymous vote. Frankfurt School warmly congratulates Tobias Berg and Yigitcan Karabulut.