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FS Alumni e.V. Spende

Frankfurt am Main, 11.11.2021 12:00:00

At its first physical convention at the Frankfurt campus in two years, the Board of Frankfurt School Alumni e.V. decided to support Frankfurt School with a major donation on the occasion of the association's 25th anniversary.

The donation was handed over on 5 November at an event celebrating the the cooperation agreement between FS Alumni e.V. and Frankfurt School. The ceremony was attended by the association's board of directors, Frankfurt School's executive board and the Alumni Relations team. Jens Schweinebraden, Chairman of the Board of FS Alumni e.V., handed over the association's largest donation to date: With 150,000 euros, the association is once again supporting Frankfurt School. Among other things, the donation will be used to install modern study cubes for students at the university's premises in Frankfurt and Hamburg.

FS Alumni e.V. Spende Bild 1

Building on this, Frankfurt School President Professor Dr. Nils Stieglitz emphasised the positive exchange between FS Alumni e.V. and current students. He expressed his gratitude for the association’s contribution, for example the various scholarship programmes and the support on campus and at the study centres.

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During the event, the 25th anniversary of the association has been celebrated looking back at the successful development of Frankfurt School and the Alumni Association. The two former chairmen, Shari Wolf and Oliver Kopp, played a key role in the positive development of the association and in the anniversary celebrations. In cooperation with other members of the Executive Board, they planned and implemented flagship events. Up to 300 members of the association attended these events, which demonstrates the role the association plays in Frankfurt School’s alumni community.

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Shari Wolf and Oliver Kopp were delighted with the successful work of the past years and look back on many great memories: "A day like today shows once again how great things can be achieved through voluntary commitment and collaboration. We are happy to see how FS Alumni e.V. has developed over the years into what it stands for today – and we are proud of that!"

Angelika Werner, Vice President Strategic Relations at Frankfurt School emphasised, "We are delighted that the association has taken its 25th anniversary as an opportunity to again generously support us and create a tangible benefit for our students. Many thanks!"