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Frankfurt am Main, 09.11.2021 12:00:00

Working in diverse teams is enriching. They are increasingly relevant for business, especially in a globally connected world, in order to understand different customers and to be able to offer services and products tailored to their needs.

IFK Diversity Stipendium Bild

In her speech at Frankfurt School's scholarship award ceremony on Thursday, November 4, 2021, Sarah Schmidtke, Managing Director of Interessengemeinschaft Frankfurter Kreditinstitute (IFK), reflected on her personal impressions as an investment banker in London. She said she had benefited from the different experiences and backgrounds of her colleagues, for example those from France or Canada. Together, they made better decisions for their company. The IFK is also characterised by diversity as it includes large multinational and private banks as well as regional savings banks and cooperative banks. The employees of IFK members are just as different and diverse as the customers. The IFK is therefore very happy to support the Frankfurt School's diversity scholarship programme – because it also promotes the financial centre and its diversity.

IFK Diversity Stipendium Bild 2

Five scholarship recipients received their scholarship certificates on Thursday:

Bérénice Jedersberger, student of the Bachelor in Computational Business Analytics

Annabell John, a student pursuing a bachelor's degree in Management, Philosophy & Economics

Vlera Ramadani, student of the Bachelor in Business Administration

Jeet Sarvaija, who is also pursuing a bachelor's degree in Business Administration

Hong Nhung Trang, a student in the Bachelor in Management, Philosophy & Economics programme

The Diversity Scholarship is designed as a matching-fund initiative of the Frankfurt School: It uses its own funds to match each donation.