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German renewables award

Frankfurt am Main, 24.11.2021 12:00:00

From record wind turbines to hydrogen innovations – for the tenth time, the expert jury of the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster (EEHH) selected the winners of the German Renewables Award on 11 November for their ideas and work in advancing the energy transition. With 59 applications in six categories, the anniversary edition sets new records. Since the beginning, Frankfurt School has been a member of the cluster, which bundles the competencies of companies, institutions and research facilities from the Hamburg metropolitan region in the renewable energy sector. As a member of the jury, Rüdiger Theophil, Head of the Northern Region and the Frankfurt School's Hamburg Campus, awards the prize in one of the categories each year – this year in the Student Work of the Year category.

A total of six prizes were awarded in the categories Product Innovation of the Year, Project of the Year, Student Thesis of the Year, Life Work of the Year, Journalist Prize and – this year for the first time – in the category Hydrogen Innovation of the Year.

German renewables award

Jan Wiemer, winner in the category "Student Work of the Year", with laudator Rüdiger Theophil. Source: EEHH GmbH / Jan Brandes.

German renewables award

Laudators and award winners. Source: EEHH GmbH / Jan Brandes.

Further information as well as recordings of the award ceremony can be found here.