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Frankfurt am Main, 22.11.2021 12:00:00

Last week, Frankfurt School welcomed 77 first-year students onto the business school’s part-time Master in Corporate Performance & Restructuring, Master of Financial Law and Master of Mergers & Acquisitions degree programmes. The opening ceremony was held in the Frankfurt School foyer on Friday 12 November.

The start of the 2021/22 academic year saw 30 students embark on the Master in Corporate Performance & Restructuring programme, 18 on the Master of Financial Law programme, and 29 on the Master of Mergers & Acquisitions programme. The three programmes are optimised for students working in full-time jobs.

During the opening ceremony, Frankfurt School’s President, Professor Nils Stieglitz, gave the students a warm welcome: “You’ve taken the right decision, because you’re making yourselves fit for the future. I’m delighted to welcome you all to Frankfurt School, as students and new members of the Frankfurt School community.” The guest speaker, Frankfurt School alumnus Dr Daniel Drummer, cast a nostalgic look back over his own time at the business school. He also gave his listeners an idea of the influence his studies have had on his own professional and personal development, as well as sharing some valuable tips with the first-years: “Frankfurt School’s part-time degree programmes have many strengths – including a good reputation in the business world and outstanding lecturers with real-world experience. But above all, it’s the students who make this programme special – your peers and the wealth of varied experience they bring with them, plus the fact that you are all pursuing the same goal. Keep an open mind, make the most of this opportunity, and learn from each other. Take an interest in your fellow students’ experiences, cultivate friendships, and build up your personal networks.” Dr Drummer was awarded his Master of Mergers & Acquisitions degree at Frankfurt School in 2013; since 2019 he has been working as CFO at auxmoney, one of the largest online consumer lending marketplaces in Germany. In 2017, Forbes magazine included the Frankfurt School alumnus in its prestigious “30 under 30” list in the Finance category. Finally, Ekin Akkaya, currently studying for a Master of Financial Law degree at Frankfurt School, summed up the Frankfurt School spirit for the newcomers, and told them more about the various student initiatives. The evening ended in an exclusive dinner, giving the students an opportunity to meet each other properly for the first time.

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