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Frankfurt am Main, 13.10.2021 12:00:00

Two sisters from Morocco came to Germany, more precisely to Frankfurt School, out of a passion for finance. In an interview with Study International, Abla and Sanae Serghini talk about their journey to Europe.

Both are studying for the Master of Finance at FS. Their keen interest in financial topics is what brought them to Frankfurt. "I’ve always considered finance an exciting and powerful industry. Growing up, I got involved in my parents’ companies and investments which allowed me to develop critical and valuable analytical skills that fired up my passion for finance and investment banking," says Sanae, 25, from Rabat. Her big sister Abla developed her interest a little later, while studying for her bachelor's degree at ESSEC Business School in France: "I was thrilled at the prospect of attending my finance classes. I had a special affinity with numbers and the more complex the problems were, the more invested I would be."

What are the advantages of studying abroad, especially in Europe? Why did both sisters decide to study for a Master's degree at Frankfurt School? What tips do they give to prospective students who want to go to Europe for their studies? Abla and Sanae Serghini answer these and other questions in an interview here.