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Two FS Alumni and Founders sitting outside

Frankfurt am Main, 11.02.2022 12:00:00

In December 2021, Frankfurt School alumnus Felix Wollenhaupt (Master in Management) founded Green Elephant Biotech together with Joel Eichmann. Recently, the two entrepreneurs have successfully completed a pre-seed funding round with Beteiligungs-Managementgesellschaft Hessen (BMH), an investment and venture capital company of the state of Hesse. In addition to BMH, a consortium of industry-experienced business angels has also invested in the company.

With CellScrew, Green Elephant Biotech has developed a patented cell cultivation system for use in the biopharmaceutical industry that is superior to other available products in terms of efficiency, flexibility and sustainability. The company's idea and vision is the production of life-saving drugs and vaccines through efficient, scalable cell cultivation using sustainable and carbon-neutral materials. The business model is based on the automated production and distribution of the patented CellScrew technology to biotech and pharmaceutical companies involved in the development of new vaccines or researching cell and gene therapy treatments. Thanks to CellScrew, users are able to tremendously increase productivity and output within an existing infrastructure and make production more sustainable. CellScrew technology enables drugs, diagnostics and vaccines to be produced cheaper and in larger quantities.