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Frank Elderson

Frankfurt am Main, 14.06.2022 12:00:00

Frank Elderson, member of the ECB's Executive Board, will open the anniversary conference GESAMTBANKSTEUERUNG 2022 – im Spannungsfeld von Geopolitik, ESG, Zinswende + Technologie at Frankfurt School on 22 June. His keynote on the roles of banks and supervisors in tackling climate and environmental risks can be watched live and free of charge on the YouTube live stream

With top speakers including Dr Matthias Zieschang (Fraport AG), Jochen Kloepper (Santander Consumer Bank AG), Professor Emanuel Mönch (Frankfurt School), Stefanie Münz (LBBW) and Dr Bettina Orlopp (Commerzbank AG), this year's conference once again addresses current, pressing economic, political and social issues.

The obligation to comprehensively reassess geopolitical orientation is the most recent challenge in overall bank management. After years of stability, the signs for inflation and interest rates are changing - in an uncertain environment that does not allow for a long-term trend forecast. The major task of ESG transformation is almost taking a back seat, especially as energy issues are being discussed anew. Last but not least, many banks are in the middle of a technology transformation in their management areas. Impulses and insights into these current factors influencing overall bank management and approaches to solutions in other banks will be provided on 22 June.

Frank Elderon's keynote will be in English, and the rest of the conference programme will be in German. Register now to participate in the high-level discussion platform for senior finance and risk managers from the entire German-speaking region:


Verena Lüpke
Marketing Officer