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Frankfurt am Main, 08.03.2022 12:00:00

War has returned to Europe. The flow of refugees continues to increase. Several million people are fleeing from Ukraine – many students among them. Frankfurt School responds with what universities do best: offering the life-changing opportunity of higher education to students who cannot start or continue their studies and who are fleeing conflict and oppression. Frankfurt School covers their tuition fees.

Frankfurt School Hardship Fund

Students who are displaced by war and persecution in their own countries need opportunities to continue their studies. Therefore, Frankfurt School offers scholarships with a full tuition waiver to eligible undergraduate, graduate and PhD students who want to study with us.

These students need financial support to cover their living expenses, and so we established the Frankfurt School Hardship Fund. It will directly support student refugees enrolled at Frankfurt School.

Please join us in this effort and donate now.

Frankfurt School will provide places in all its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to candidates from any semester as well as places in the PhD programme. For more information for students about scholarship opportunities please contact the admissions team for your relevant programme.