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Sustainable Finance

Frankfurt am Main, 17.05.2022 12:00:00

What is Sustainable Finance about? How can banks and financial institutions actively shape the transformation of the financial sector? What are ESG criteria and what conclusions can be drawn from sustainability ratings? More and more banks and companies are addressing these questions. The demand for the Frankfurt School training programme Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance is growing steadily. Recently, for example, 65 employees of Commerzbank AG completed the course to become sustainability experts. In March 2022, more than 40 employees of Bayerische Landesbank started their tailor-made training course.

The sustainable and efficient use of energy and resources is becoming increasingly important. With the six-month online course Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance, Frankfurt School trains financial experts to identify and understand important factors and barriers in the transformation of the financial system into a sustainable one. FS offers individualised modules for entire departments. The course can be taken in English or German; courses start in March and September of each year.

Here you can find more information on the Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance course.