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FS President's Reception 2022 1266x321

Frankfurt am Main, 11.05.2022 12:00:00

Last week, Frankfurt School hosted its annual President's Reception, an evening event recognising all students who have shown exceptional commitment to the university community, for example by participating in competitions, organising student events and initiatives or supporting other students.

Frankfurt School President Professor Nils Stieglitz welcomed around 120 students to Loft Eins in Frankfurt's trendy East End: “This evening is for you: We want to celebrate you, our highly committed, passionate and dedicated students, and we want to say Thank you for your engagement.”

In recognition of their commitment, he presented two students with the FS Spirit Award, a special accolade for students who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, responsibility and motivation in their involvement with the Frankfurt School community, student life and spirit. 16 students had been nominated for the award, which was presented for the sixth time. The two winners in 2022 are Johannes Hauenschild and Korbinian Rudloff – congratulations!

Right at the beginning of the reception, all invited students were given a small, entertaining task for the evening, encouraging them to get together, chat and network. For this purpose, all students received a card at the entrance, either with a Frankfurt School related question or answer. The task was to find the owner of the corresponding card, the answer to the question or the question to the answer.

After the award ceremony, a flying dinner invited to further exchange, while a magician entertained all guests with amazing tricks.