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Frankfurt am Main, 20.02.2023 12:00:00

Frankfurt School launched its Virtual Campus to offer visitors the possibility to discover the Frankfurt campus in a 3D environment, join live events, watch pre-recorded content, as well as the opportunity to connect with students and staff.

The idea came in April 2020, at the start of Covid. Frankfurt School’s Marketing & Recruitment started hosting all events online, using various online software and tools. After switching Bachelor Day and other events to an online format, participation numbers in these events significantly increased. The Master & MBA info evenings, for example, went up by a whopping 250 percent increase in attendance, the first Online Bachelor Day 2020 also saw an increase by 39 percent. As the numbers increased, so did the demand for online events. From this, the Virtual Campus idea was formed.

The idea was not only to create a platform to host all future online events but to construct a 3D interactive replica of our campus. Along with integrating video and tools, the virtual campus is an interactive platform that streams not only live events but hosts content 24/7 from previous events as well as information for upcoming events.

animated character sitting in virtual campus

The Virtual Campus officially kicked-off with the Online Bachelor Day on 11 February. Alongside live streaming from the actual campus, Frankfurt School hosted a variety of pre-recorded videos, options for booking meetings, student & recruitment chat rooms as well as offering interactive elements via slido. In total, nearly 200 users explored the Virtual Campus during the Online Bachelor Day. The live content is automatically uploaded to the platform for those who missed it on the day.

After the success of hosting the Online Bachelor Day on the Virtual Campus, more online events are already in the pipeline and will be available in the upcoming weeks.

frankfurt school logo in front of virtual campus