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15.02.2024 12:00:00

The Frankfurt School Entrepreneurship Centre showcased its third Demo Day on 12 February, attracting a crowd of over 400 people, consisting of investors and entrepreneurial minds. The six presenting start-ups did an outstanding job!

Congratulations to Posto, the social media in service of REAL LIFE, for clinching the top prize of €30,000. The platform is designed to enhance users‘ control over their digital experience and support everyday activities by providing tools tailored for the real world. Posto has just launched at UC Berkeley in California and is now focused on the acquisition of new users and retention rates, followed by monetisation. Posto is seeking a seed round of $1.6 million to consolidate the product and continue expansion into other American colleges.

Demo Day Posto

Founders: Jacopo Zenoni and FS Student Niccolò Senni von-Wunster, Class 2024

The runner-up was mylingua, the personalised language assistant, with a €20,000 cheque. They bridge the gap between structured learning platforms and real-world content comprehension. mylingua automatically aggregates web content and uses AI to recommend the pieces that match the individual vocabulary profiles and personal interests of language learners. Every user input feeds the suggestion-AI and helps to refine further recommendations. Fully bootstrapped, mylingua has built an MVP for Chinese news, is already generating first B2C revenue and currently closing its first 5k university contract. mylingua is looking for €500k to hire two additional developers and reach €10,000 monthly recurring revenue by EOY before expanding into other languages.

Demo Day My lingua

Founders: Michael Golth, Robert Huber and FS Alumnus Florian Räuber, Class 2020

The crowd’s favourite was Yumoso. Yumoso is streamlining the construction of solar carports and infrastructure through a patent-pending quick-build system. This approach significantly reduces construction time, allowing projects to be completed in just a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods. Yumoso’s most recent achievement includes the construction of a solar carport on the Frankfurt School campus, alongside an infrastructure to convert over 250 parking lots in 2024 into renewable energy sources. Currently, Yumoso is seeking to raise €750,000 to launch a subscription service and expand their team.

Demo Day Yumoso

Founders: Ole Moeller and FS Student Florian Alexander Deißler, Class 2025

Hayi is a hyper-local social network for neighbourhoods, digitising the neighbourhood experience across the Middle East and North Africa region. Without a local medium for the exchange of information, goods, and services – neighbours are left disconnected from their local community and businesses are unable to market on a hyper-local level to customers that matter most to them. The Hayi app solves this problem by connecting you to everyone and everything around you. After acquiring 29,000 users in Dubai as well as successfully monetising through a B2B revenue model, Hayi is now raising a $1m seed round, with a lead VC already secured.

Demo Day Hayi

Founder: Rene Morgan, FS Alumnus, Class 2022

Rudy is democratising crypto investing by making expert-level investment strategies accessible, personal, and straightforward. Rudy is in the final stretch before its end-of-March launch, transitioning from test mode to full production. The team is rigorously testing their investment algorithm, ensuring every regulatory and compliance box is ticked to offer a seamless, secure investment experience. The goal is twofold: ignite enthusiasm for Rudy's revolutionary approach to crypto investing and announce an upcoming seed funding round in Q2. Rudy is on the lookout for visionary investors ready to join in on transforming the crypto investment landscape.

Demo Day Rudy

Founders: Thomas Faber and Philipp Marcello Schulden, FS Alumni, both Class 2019

ZeroEx is developing an emissions calculator, focusing on active CO2 sequestration through hyper-local Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) techniques. ZeroEx believes that transparency and verifiability of emissions and sequestration are the sole pathway to a sustainable future, ensuring the prevention of greenwashing. Recently, ZeroEx has secured a 7-digit investment and built their operations team. ZeroEx is looking for additional enthusiastic individuals to join the team.

Demo Day ZeroEx

Founders: FS Student Tony Oehm and FS Alumnus Hannes Michael Steinle, Class 2023

Another Highlight of the night was a remarkable keynote speech by Frankfurt School Alumnus Stefan Kempf, CEO of aifinyo AG, on why there is no such a thing as a “right moment” to become an entrepreneur.

Demo Day Stefan Kempf

Keynote speaker: FS Alumnus Stefan Kempf

A big thank you to all the partners, mentors and supporters who made this Demo Day, Accelerator Winter ’24 a great success.


Ram Shoham
Director of Entrepreneurship