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FS students abroad for a semester

Semester Abroad and Internship

One or two semesters abroad are an integral part of the Bachelor of Science. Firstly, you will study at one of our over 100 partner universities. This part of your studies will be an exciting and challenging experience. The Frankfurt School International Office will support you with organising your semester abroad.

You will then also do an internship, which allows you to gain international exposure and practical experience. You can do your internship either abroad or in an international team/project in Germany. Our Career Services will assist and support you during your search for an internship.

Why go on a semester abroad?

Gain international experience

As the world is becoming more and more interconnected, it will benefit you to gain a new perspective through other cultures and make you stand out from the crowd when applying to jobs.

Build your network

Use this opportunity to expand your network and study with students from top universities around the world. Making long-lasting, meaningful connections is extremely important in an ever-evolving business world.

Grow as a person

For many students, the semester abroad is the first opportunity to live alone in a foreign country. Living independently, away from one’s familiar environment, can be a great learning experience. Step out of your comfort zone; grow as a person!

Immerse in a new culture

From the “Hygge” of Denmark and Norway to the diverse cuisine of Japan, every country has a unique culture, local customs and a fresh perspective. Immersing yourself in new cultures can lead to valuable personal development.

Learn a new language

Studying abroad guarantees opportunities to improve your language skills. There is no better way to learn a language than to be in the environment. At most of our partner universities, you can also take a language course to improve your skills formally as well.

Perfect timing

It is the best time to explore the world and embrace new cultures. Once you find a job, it will be more challenging to find opportunities to move to a foreign country.


Studying abroad does not mean that you are limited to the country you chose. You can travel and see more of the world while studying abroad. Visit the famous landmarks and natural wonders wherever you are!

Have fun

Last but not least, your semester abroad should also be about having fun and enjoying the experience. So be excited and open to new things!