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Finding accommodation in Frankfurt

It is very important you start your search for accommodation in Frankfurt as soon as possible. Frankfurt School does offer student dorms, however if you wish to stay somewhere else or, were unfortunately not offered a room due to space limitations, you will need to look for accommodation elsewhere. Frankfurt has various types of accommodation on offer, located in all of the different districts. As in many larger cities, looking for a place to live can take time. It is also important to know basic laws and rules of accommodation searching in Frankfurt.

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FS Student Dorms

Frankfurt School offers accommodation on campus. The dorms are located on our campus in the trendy "Nordend" district of Frankfurt. Just across from the German National Library and sourrounded by stores, bars and restaurants, the location is excellent for students. Public transport is also just a few minutes away; you can reach the Metro Stations "Miquel-/Adickesallee" and "Nibelungenallee/Deutsche Nationalbibliothek" in just 5 minutes.


You need to be registered for our Online Campus platform in order to be able to apply for a room.

Student Life

Frankfurt School is a community of aspiring and inspiring individuals. This spirit is present in our various student initiatives, sport & business competitions, the work of our Student Council, and other shared projects and events.

Contribute to the Frankfurt School Student Life - by contributing to our blog, by particpating in one of our many events, by engaging as a member of a student intiative, by leading a student initiative as a head or by serving on the student council.

Don't see an initiative that interests you? Create your own! New ideas are always welcome. Found a new student initiative and help make Frankfurt School Student Life even more exciting and colourful.

With the FS Spirit Award Frankfurt School want to show its appreciation for all the time and energy students invest in everything they do outside their studies to make Frankfurt School a truly great place to be and who bring the Frankfurt School spirit and code of honour to life.

There's always something happening at Frankfurt School - join us and experience Student Life as an FS Bull!

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