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We are delighted to present the next generation of researchers who will shape theory and practice in business and society.

Below is an overview of our current job market candidates. If you wish to inform us about a job opening or other professional opportunities for doctoral students, please contact us at



Tanja Keeve

Research Focus: Empirical-archival financial accounting, Corporate transparency, non-financial disclosure, ESG ratings & ESG performance

Advisor: Frank Ecker

Job Market Paper: Peer Effects in ESG Ratings: Evidence from Gender Pay Gap Disclosures

Teaching Fields: Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate environmental, social & governance reporting

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Qi Zhang

Research Focus: Disclosure, Corporate Sustainability, Machine Learning, and Accounting Regulation

Advisor: Frank Ecker

Job Market Paper:Consequences of Conflict Mineral Disclosures on Supply Chains

Teaching Fields: Financial Accounting, Data Analytics, Managerial Accounting, Tax, and Applied Machine Learning

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Weijia round

Weijia Zhi

Research Focus: : Empirical-Archival Financial Accounting, Non-Financial Information and Capital Markets, Corporate Social Objectives, Political Economy, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, and CEO Managerial Style

Advisor: Yuping Jia

Job Market Paper: Do Nature-Loving CEOs Make the World Greener?

Teaching Fields: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, and Sustainability and ESG

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Cristian M. Condrea

Research Focus: Empirical Financial Intermediation, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Interbank Markets

Advisor: Falko Fecht

Job Market Paper: Banks as "Anchors": The Role of Banks in Funding Innovation

Teaching Fields: Money and Banking, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Empirical Methods in Finance, Corporate Finance, Foundations of Finance

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