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Women @ EMBA

Women are often hesitant to apply for an Executive MBA programme because they tend to underestimate their achievements, their successes, their qualifications or their work experience, and on top of that, the juggle of career and family can feel overwhelming.

We want to encourage all those ambitious, energetic, smart and powerful women out there to set aside any doubts and hesitations they may have. Hear directly from our current female EMBA participants and alumnae about their experiences.

Did you have any doubts about how your profile would fit to that of an Executive MBA programme?

Lisa: Of course I questioned myself and my plans to apply for the Executive MBA. Was I too young? Did I bring enough experience? But what does it mean to be too young? Isn't it - like everything in life - very individual? At some point I decided to listen to my stomach and trusting my intuition that this is the absolutely right step for me.

Rebeca: I doubted that my experiences might not fit into the context of the rest of the executives that will be part of the programme. It turned out that the programme is the perfect setup to open your mind about new ways of doing things and learn from other industries.

Stephanie: I had doubts, feeling „not ready“ for the executive version of the MBA, but followed my main motto „You can.“ and left the judgement if I fit or not to those being best at it - the Frankfurt School selection committee. What can I say - they were convinced I am a good fit and that motivated me even further to start the programme.

Asiya:  As a social entrepreneur, I was not sure how I fit into a regular Executive MBA programme but through detailed discussions with staff, the programme director, and recruiters, those fears were allayed.

Regina: I had doubts, indeed. But the Frankfurt School’s study advisors encouraged and motivated me to go for it. And I did it with no regret!

How would you say your EMBA courses impacted your career and your personal development?

Lisa: I grew a lot being part of the EMBA. You learn as you have to prioritize and you learn from your class mates – everyone brings his or her perspective into the class room. And the personal coaching throughout the programme helps a lot.

Nina: The biggest impact is definitely that I am much more confident in dealing with topics outside my field of expertise and experience. I have taken on a new job in my company in the middle of the programme – outside my comfort zone.

Regina: The impact was immense for me personally. Studying as a senior manager with other managers at different levels of their career was extremely inspiring.

How do you achieve work-life balance with a challenging job, the EMBA and your family?

Asiya: It was challenging balancing everything, but time management combined with prioritization and self-care, made a big difference.

Rebeca: The programme means teamwork in every aspect involved; therefore I rely mainly on my husband to take care of our kids when I have a weekend module on campus. Sometimes it may be a little tight with the schedule, but we are committed to make it work in the best possible way.

Stephanie: Having a clear schedule for all of my activities (job, studies, family & friends, sports) was essential to manage the increased workload during the EMBA. Family and friends might need to step back during the more intense times, but the 18 months have been over faster than expected.

What is one piece of advice that you would give any aspiring female EMBA candidate reading this?

Nina: This is an investment in yourself, your capabilities and your opportunities. Don’t shy away because of other priorities, make yourself a top priority. Also, you will never find out if an EMBA is for you if you don’t try.

Rebecca: Feel confident to take the step and apply. Approach the recruiting team if you are not sure how to proceed or what programme to choose. Come and visit us on campus, take a class and see for yourself the diversity, the approach, and interaction we are immersed in.

Regina: Believe in yourself, trust yourself, you know more than you think you do!

Is there anything else you want to say to all the female candidates out there?

Asiya: Create the gender-equal world you believe in. This begins with your daily choices, remaining open to all career possibilities, daring to achieve what others have not already done.

Nina: Ask yourself the question of what, or who is holding you back from taking on the journey and you will eventually find out it is just yourself. The most difficult thing is to make the choice, once the journey started things will fall into place!

All: Just do it – you are worth it! Dream big! Go for it! If you can dream it, you can do it!

Kellner Stephanie

Stephanie Kellner

EMBA class of 2017

Head of Strategic Marketing Projects & Customer Intelligence at Häfele

Lisa Vocke

Lisa Vocke

EMBA class of 2020

Global Product Manager Inorganics at BASF

Nina Duft

Nina Duft

EMBA class of 2020

Member Of The Board at Janitos Versicherung AG

Rebeca Paola

Rebeca Valdes

EMBA class of 2021

Marketing Director of family business

Regina Schueller

Regina Schüller

EMBA class of 2018

Interim Executive, Supervisory Board Member, Mediator & Executive Coach & Mentor

Mohammed Asiya

Asiya Mohammed

EMBA class of 2019

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Conflict Women, Ltd.